A Few Days of Rain

On Friday there was heavy rain and wind. We stayed in most of the day, just dashing out for a few minutes to pickup a few things at the shops in Nailsworth. Jonathan (SlowTravel moderator) and his wife Philippa came for dinner Friday night. You don’t expect to have dinner guests when you are traveling, so this was even more fun than usual. The cottage has a good oven and the locally grown vegetables that we get at the Stroud Farmer’s Market are great, so we made roasted vegetables.

On Saturday it was still very overcast, but only drizzling. We went into Stroud for the market (met Jonathan and Philippa for coffee) then out for a short neighborhood walk in the afternoon. It is Sunday morning now and still overcast with the wind blowing. It is not raining, but probably will off and on today. I think we will bundle up this afternoon and do a good walk.

Rainy Day
Rainy Day

Emails from Santa Fe tell me they are having a very cold January with temperatures well below freezing during the daytime. Our house-sitter Ann emailed me some photos of the yard (still snow in it) and the cat (Buddy!) and the nice fires they are making.

It is not that cold here. The water resistant winter coats I got us from Lands End for this trip are working out well, and are even too warm sometimes. The cottage we rented is older and built from stone. It has a good heating system and keeps very warm.

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