A Spring Day in Winter

Since Tuesday, our sunny day in London, the weather has been very good. Today it was like spring! If the weather was not as good, I would be getting more Cotswolder pages written, more posts to this blog, more photos uploaded. Instead we are having lazy mornings, then lovely afternoon hikes.

Today everyone was out enjoying the countryside. We drove to Nympsfield, just a few miles away, and did a three hour hike through woods, along valleys, to two prehistoric burial grounds, and along part of the “Cotswold Way”, a long distance hiking path (from Uley Bury to Nympsfield Long Barrow). There were many people out on the trails and we came to a large park at a view point full of families playing with kids and dogs. Gliders and para-gliders were flying overhead. It felt like a summer day.

View on hike from Nympsfield to Uley Bury
View on hike from Nympsfield to Uley Bury

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  1. It looks like a lovely day. I love the green hills. We’re still brown, grey and frosty here in Seattle. Your photo gallery also looks great.

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