More Than Half Way Through

Eight weeks seems like a long time when you are booking it, but now that we are here the time is going by in a flash. We are already past the half way point and I don’t even know Nailsworth yet, let alone the Cotswolds. On Saturday we walked across town to the Ruskin and Horsley Mills on the south side of town. They are in a narrow river valley with pretty neighborhoods of old cottages.

It was bright and sunny this morning, so we walked into town for bread from Hobbs Bakery and a newspaper. We took the short route into town, but the longer route back on the Cycle Trail. When we were close to home, it started to rain. After we got in, it started pouring. A nice rainy day! I celebrated by adding a small Google Map to the home page.

There is detailed coverage of the American primaries in the newspapers, on the radio and on TV. The Guardian had a special section today about “Super Tuesday”. We are probably hearing as much about the primaries here as we would in the US, but we have to wait until tomorrow to learn today’s results.

No will power – I promised myself that I would NOT watch season five of Spooks, because once that is watched we have to wait until October for season six on DVD. We waited one day after the end of season four, then plunked in season five. Now I know what happened to Ruth!

Our friends Valerie and Bryan from Italy (and from Albuquerque before that) are coming to visit this weekend! I have been trying to prepare them for the actual quantities of mud they are going to encounter.

I have already contacted our “landlord” to see if we can stay later, and we can. But we have not decided yet. I miss Buddy (the cat), but he is being well looked after at home. It would be nice to be here as the days get longer. The only “bad” thing about being here in winter is the short days, but then you get the long cozy evenings.

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