Walking to Minch

The weather has been wonderful for over a week. There was a bit of rain last night, but before that our last rain was a week ago Monday in London. I don’t even bother bringing my rain jacket on hikes.

But this changes tomorrow and I am ready for some rain. I am reading a great book: Sebastian Faulks “Engleby” (2007). I am knitting mittens – trying the knitting them flat pattern vs. knitting in the round. And I want to do some writing for “Cotswolder”. All this good weather has been holding me back!! 🙂

Today we walked from the cottage, down to the bottom of the valley, up to the Minchinhampton Commons, across the commons and into Minch for lunch. The walk only took 1 hour 15 minutes! We had a nice lunch at The Kitchen, a tea shop we loved when we spent a week in Minch a couple of years ago.

Minchinhampton, Cotswolds
Minchinhampton, Cotswolds

Big first step: I pinned some of our “we are looking for a house to let” cards on the bulletin board in The Kitchen. Now I have to remember to keep my cell phone on.

On the way home we went via the village of Box. This is on the south facing slope just down from the Minch Commons. It is a small lovely village between Minch and Nailsworth. We stopped in Nailsworth for a few things – bread from Hobbs Bakery, a newspaper, post office to mail a letter (oh, and an order of chips from the Fish and Chips place which we ate sitting on a bench in the little town center park) – then walked home on the Cycle Path that goes along the valley floor.

There is a beautiful big horse in the field beside the footpath we take up the hill from the Cycle Path out our lane. By the end of our afternoon out, we could feel the weather changing. It was getting colder and the sky was clouding over.

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  1. Pauline,

    I hope you have this kind of weather next week when we visit. We are looking forward to seeing the two of you.


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