Is Dreamweaver Crashing?

The end of Daylight Savings time brings back last years bug in Dreamweaver. Read my earlier blog post for details – Dreamweaver crashes when editing a file.

My friend Chris emailed me that Dreamweaver had crashed and she did not know why, which made me remember when it happened to me last year. I sent her the link to my old blog post without reading it again (that shows you how detail oriented I can be) and she wrote back saying it was probably the cause since we had just switched off Daylight Savings.

I am posting this again so any other Dreamweaver users that have mysterious crashes will find this post when Googling. Happy coding!!

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3 thoughts on “Is Dreamweaver Crashing?”

  1. This probably saved me hours and hours of frustrating search for the source of the problem! Who would ever thing to blame the change from DST for Dreamweaver suddenly crashing when I try to open ASP files? Unfortunately, this problem was just the beginning of a very bad day at the computer, and I can’t check to see if it does solve my problem until my new computer fan is installed, or if that doesn’t work, my new computer to arrive from Dell.

    THANKS, Pauline!!

  2. The fix that you point to in your old post worked for me! I found a few references to others encountering this problem yesterday and I imagine there were more today when they went back to work.

  3. Happy to Help! (That is the Europcar motto.) What a bugger that this is turning up again. It was one of the strangest bugs that I ever ran into.

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