2 thoughts on “New logos for Slow Europe and Cotswolder!”

  1. A pedant from Stroud writes: it’s ramsons, not ransoms! Nice logos, though. (My first thought on the Cotswolder one was ‘what’s that bass clef doing there?’ – but I don’t think that will be a universal reaction…)

  2. Googling to find correct spelling is probably not the best idea, but that is what I did:
    “garlic flower” +ramsons –> 200 hits (your spelling)
    “garlic flower” +ransoms –> 8 hits (my spelling)

    Instead of a wrong spelling, can I blame it on a typo? I had all the correct letters, just a bit jumbled. 🙂

    Wikipedia says Ramsons – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ramsons

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