Time to book your holiday cottage!

There was an interesting story on the BBC Radio Newspod yesterday (Friday, January 23) about tourism in Britain (it is the last story on the Newspod). People in the travel industry are expecting travel in Britain to increase for two reasons: 1) the pound is low making Britain a more affordable destination, 2) the economy is not doing well and Brits will save money by traveling at home instead of going abroad. A recent article … Continue reading Time to book your holiday cottage!

What, No Queen?

Double Bed

You would think that countries with such Royal histories would apply more Royal titles to bed sizes than a country that has never had a Royal Family – but that is not the case. European mattress sizes are single, double, king and super king. Super king? US sizes are twin, double, queen and king. See, we have the matched Royal set – Queen and King – they have two kings! There are differences in bed sizes between … Continue reading What, No Queen?

European Experiences!

Introducing European Experiences, small group tours in Europe. My good friend Kathy Wood and her husband Charley have expanded their European small group tours  to include the Alps in Austria and Germany. For the last several years they have been leading groups to the Luberon in southern France. They offer a one week tour, based in the village of Bonnieux. They know this area well, having lived there for six months in 2004 and then … Continue reading European Experiences!