Kindle 1 and Kindle 2


The new Kindle has arrived in Santa Fe! The packaging is gorgeous. The Kindle 2 is thinner and better designed (paging buttons are easier to use) than the Kindle 1. The screen is the same size but the print is crisper. Turn it on and it knows who you are. Download all the books you have on the Kindle 1 from Amazon to the Kindle 2 – and you are ready to go. It even … Continue reading Kindle 1 and Kindle 2

Pour Une Nuit?


Twenty-one years ago, Steve and I sold nearly everything we owned, quit our jobs, gave up our apartment in Vancouver, loaded up our Toyota Corolla and hit the road for a few years. After a year traveling in the US, we parked the car, loaded up backpacks and flew to Europe. We arrived with hotel reservations for five nights in Paris and no other plans. We had a fantastic year traveling in Europe. We traveled using … Continue reading Pour Une Nuit?

Traveling With Your Kindle

The new Kindles, Wi-Fi and 3G, from Amazon

Updated September 2010 – this blog post is out of date The Kindle is an electronic book reader available from Amazon. I have been using a Kindle since it was first released in December 2007 and I highly recommend it. The new Kindles (released in 2010), the Kindle Wi-Fi and Kindle 3G (free 3G + Wi-Fi), work in many countries. There are no “roaming” charges if you use the Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet … Continue reading Traveling With Your Kindle

Snow Sweeps Across Britain

We spent two months in the Cotswolds last winter and had one wonderful day of snow – not so much fun driving from Oxford home the night of the snow storm (you don’t realize how steep the hills are until you are driving them in snow) but wonderful the next day when the countryside was covered in snow and the sky was bright blue. It was only a few inches of snow and was the … Continue reading Snow Sweeps Across Britain

Use Twitter to Get Alerts for UK Train Service

This blog post is out of date. TechCrunch has a story today about using Twitter to follow weather and train service in the UK. As snow hits the UK the Twitter mashups storm in, TechCrunch, Mike Butcher, Feb 2, 2009. “There’s nothing like a breaking news event to show off the usefulness of Twitter. Today large swathes of the UK were blanketed in snow, but the Twitter feeds and mashups came to the rescue of … Continue reading Use Twitter to Get Alerts for UK Train Service