USA Today Recommends Slow Europe

San Domenico, Cetona, Tuscany

USA Today recommends Slow Europe for vacation rental advice in “Get a great deal on a vacation rental” and “Tips for choosing a vacation rental“, by Laura Bly, March 19 2009. These great articles give you a good introduction to vacation rentals in Europe and worldwide. Are you new to vacation rentals in Europe? Read our Vacation Rentals Guide. Are you looking for a great vacation rental in Europe? Use Slow Europe to find the best … Continue reading USA Today Recommends Slow Europe

Slow Down London

Check out the Slow Down London website. This is a group of Londoners wanting to bring “slow” to London. They are having a festival from April 24 to May 4, with events like a Slow Walk across Waterloo Bridge to start the festival, a series of Slow Walks to explore London, a talk by Slow Guru Carl Honere (“In Praise of Slowness”) and many other great events.

Slow Travel Tours New Blog

Slow Travel Tours is a group of small group tour operators who do tours in France, Italy and other European countries. They all met in the Slow Travel Forums and decided to work together marketing their tours. Now they are blogging! Each week one of the group does a post. Their first series of posts are about how they fell in love with travel and Europe. Read more on the  Slow Travel Tours Blog. I am … Continue reading Slow Travel Tours New Blog

Becoming Irish

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! The Irish Premier recently came to the US and announced changes to their laws making it easier for Irish-Americans to get Irish citizenship. In this economic downturn, which has hit Ireland harder than any of the other EU countires, they are trying to get people to move to Ireland. The current law gives you Irish citizenship if one of your parents or grandparents was born in Ireland. You need proof of … Continue reading Becoming Irish

Are Vacation Rentals on Sale This Year?

Vacation Rental in Levanto, Italy

I have been looking at vacation rental sites for the last few months, deciding which ones to list on Slow Europe, and have noticed that some agencies are now offering discount prices. I have also been talking to agencies and owners, booking our summer trip, and some have offered discounts when I asked. * I am keeping this post on the top of the blog home page as we add new information about discounts. Create … Continue reading Are Vacation Rentals on Sale This Year?

Comparison Shopping for Vacation Rentals

I have been shopping for vacation rentals for our summer trip. Finding great cottages in England is easy. Local agencies in England tend to be good, to have hand picked properties and offer fair prices. You may find a better price renting from an owner directly, but many owners list their places only with agencies, and I have found the prices are not that different. Now we are thinking about a week and a half … Continue reading Comparison Shopping for Vacation Rentals

First Look at Slow Europe

– First Look – Coup d’Oeil – Primo Sguardo – Have a Butchers – A Primera Vista – Einen Blick – I am very pleased to announce that we have launched Slow Europe! We are still adding new vacation rental resources to our database and adding new countries (Germany and Switzerland are next), but we wanted everyone to get a first look now so people can start using the site and we can get some feedback. … Continue reading First Look at Slow Europe