Home Base Holidays

Recently, on Twitter, I ran into Lois Sealey who lives in London and runs Home Base Holidays, a home exchange website. I know Lois from my SlowTrav days. Lately I have been interested in the idea of home exchanges, which in many ways are similar to staying in vacation rentals when you travel. You are staying in a home, not a hotel, and are based in a neighborhood where you experience a place as a local … Continue reading Home Base Holidays

A Traveling Vegetarian

Vegetarian Ploughman's Lunch

Today is Earth Day. One way to lessen your load on the earth is to be a vegetarian, or to cut down on your consumption of meat. I have been a vegetarian for over 25 years. I don’t eat the best possible diet – ice cream and chocolate have been known to pass my lips and I have coffee every morning – but I eat a diet based on vegetables and grains and try for organic and … Continue reading A Traveling Vegetarian

Monk Seal Action on Poipu Beach

Kauai Monk Seals

We have been on Kauai, Hawaii for the past week and are having a great time going for walks, swimming, exploring the island. The monk seals beach themselves on the beaches in Poipu and spend the whole day sleeping. They are protected, so as soon as they settle in for a nap, someone puts a rope fence around them so that people cannot get close. Sometimes they take up half the beach! They are fun … Continue reading Monk Seal Action on Poipu Beach

Thinking About a Vacation Rental in France?

Airfares are on sale for this summer. Staying in a vacation rental is less expensive than a hotel and you get more for your money – a whole house or apartment where you can spread out, settle in and live like a local for a week or two. Maybe it is time to think about a week or two in the French countryside? Walking out to the village cafe in the morning, exploring nearby historic … Continue reading Thinking About a Vacation Rental in France?

Visit the Bavarian Forest

Bayerisch Eisenstein and Arber Mountain

The Bavarian Forest in south east Germany and the Bohemian Forest across the border in the Czech Republic were once divided by the “Iron Curtain”. Now you can easily walk or drive across the border. The village of  Bayerisch Eisenstein sits on the German side of the border and is a great base to explore both forest areas. These forests are part of the largest area of wilderness between the Atlantic and the Urals. This is a … Continue reading Visit the Bavarian Forest

Google Street View Comes to England

Google maps are a great trip planning tool, especially the “Street View” that is available for many countries. You can “walk” down the street of a vacation rental or hotel you are thinking about booking to see what types of places are next door or where the closest cafe is. Or you can be an armchair traveler and see the world from home. I used Street View for France when planning our summer trip, but … Continue reading Google Street View Comes to England