Visit the Bavarian Forest

The Bavarian Forest in south east Germany and the Bohemian Forest across the border in the Czech Republic were once divided by the “Iron Curtain”. Now you can easily walk or drive across the border.

The village of  Bayerisch Eisenstein sits on the German side of the border and is a great base to explore both forest areas. These forests are part of the largest area of wilderness between the Atlantic and the Urals. This is a great location for a winter or summer trip – skiing in the winter and lots of outdoor activities, including walking trails, in the summer.

Bayerisch Eisenstein and Arber Mountain
Bayerisch Eisenstein and Arber Mountain

Margaret Leach and her husband Martin live in Bayerisch Eisenstein and run Bavarian Forest Holidays with nine vacation rental apartments. Margaret wrote an article about this area for Slow Europe. She included some great photos of the area.

New article on Slow Europe – A Visit to the Bavarian Forest.

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