Snow Sweeps Across Britain

We spent two months in the Cotswolds last winter and had one wonderful day of snow – not so much fun driving from Oxford home the night of the snow storm (you don’t realize how steep the hills are until you are driving them in snow) but wonderful the next day when the countryside was covered in snow and the sky was bright blue. It was only a few inches of snow and was the only snow we saw in January and February.

Today they are getting a lot of snow in England (worst in 18 years) and it is still snowing. London and the southeast are the hardest hit with up to a foot of snow. People are being warned to avoid non-essential travel. Many flights in and out of Heathrow and other London airports are cancelled. Some train service is cancelled or running reduced service, all London busses are cancelled. My friend Wendy sent me a photo of a snowman in Surrey, where they got about eight inches of snow.

Here are some good news resources for information and photos:

BBC News, Feb 2, 2009 – More snow sweeping across Britain. “Britain is bracing itself for rush-hour disruption after heavy snow blanketed much of the country. South-east England has been hit by the heaviest snow for 18 years, causing buses and trains to be cancelled and airports to be closed.” Video of snow throughout England on the “Latest news” tab, good photos on the “In pictures” tab.

BBC News, Feb 2, 2009 – Heavy snow disrupts London travel. Details about how London is affected.

The Guardian, Feb 2, 2009 – Heavy snow due to continue all week. Good video showing people having fun in the snow in London.

It is not just England, Western Europe has been hit by heavy snow.

I can’t find any good YouTube videos yet or Flickr collections – post in the comments if you find some!

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