Taking the Eurostar from London to Paris

In a couple of weeks we will be taking the Eurostar train from London to Paris. I put together my research notes and some good links to more information for a “Plan Your Trip” page on Slow Europe.

Slow Europe Article – Eurostar from London to Paris

We will be taking a train from Windsor to London Paddington, then a taxi or the Underground to St Pancras, and then the Eurostar to Paris. On return we go back to London, then take a train to Oxford to pick up our rental car for our month in the Cotswolds.

I found some great resources on the web for information about the Eurostar. I bought our Eurostar tickets online and was able to print them out at home. Once we have actually done the train ride, I will update the page with any new information.

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6 thoughts on “Taking the Eurostar from London to Paris”

  1. I have been on the Eurostar before but not from St Pancras, I went when it was from Waterloo, the train is superb and you barely realise you have been under the tunnel and there is France at the other end. A great way to get into Europe.

  2. We are taking the Eurostar for the first time in July, going from Paris to London. I also bought my tickets online and found the process easy.

    I get claustrophobic. I’m a little nervous about being in the tunnel and under the water! I will try not to think too much about that. But it’s definitely a quick trip, from the center of one city to the other.

  3. I too am a bit claustrophic. I think it is only natural to be anxious about the chunnel. After all —> we are going to be in a tunnel going under the ocean (well the English Channel, but it is connected to ocean)!!! But we get on airplanes – and that is just as scary and lasts for longer.

  4. We went on the Eurostar from Paris to London a few years ago. Sat across from each other, both with window seats. Luggage went at end of car where we could see it. No room for luggage at seats. Small table for each seat. There’s a food car where seat mates got espressos and snacks.
    Got talking to British journalist couple and was totally distracted while going through chunnel/tunnel. Trip was over in no time. Much easier than flying (waiting for flight etc.) but this one way cost of more than flying on one of the economy flights would.

  5. PAULINE: “After all —> we are going to be in a tunnel going under the ocean …”
    The worst thing about taking BART across the bay from SF to Oakland — under the bay! — is that it’s so noisy in the tube. There’s a loud, high-pitched sound that you can’t really talk over. (I’ve never heard anyone mention that about the Chunnel train, though.)

  6. My family (husband, son-age 7 at the time) took the Euorstar from London to Paris in April 2001 and loved the trip. Our son wanted to see Paris and we were at the end of a family London trip. It was a quick trip across the channel, and it all was so easy and as I ready in one of the articles, you leave from central London and and you arrive in Paris in a little over 3 hours. You gain time when you come back.

    If I remember, we brought tickets on line and than we picked them up at the train station. We only took a small piece of luggage on the train and it was very comfortable with a small table in the middle of bwtween our seats. I must admit that I loved seeing the country side in both England and France, but I had wanted to see the English Channel and was disappointed that you were not able to see any water. I am use to being under the ground as I am originally from Chicago and I love and miss the sub-way system.

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