Santa Fe – A Beautiful Obsession

My first blog post in almost three months. Why? Because we moved. And moving is not as easy as it used to be.

After nearly 20 years living in Santa Fe, we put the cat in the 4Runner, everything else in a moving van, put a “For Sale” sign in front of the house, said goodbye to the Sangre de Cristo mountains and drove 400 miles north to Boulder Colorado. Still living in the Rocky Mountains, still in that place where the mountains meet the plains.

The middle part of our lives were spent in that old adobe house in Santa Fe. I lived there longer than I lived in any other house. I lived in Santa Fe longer than I lived in any other town. The ashes of our old cat Butch are buried under an Apricot tree that we grew from a seed. The bones of our old cat Spike are probably on top of the hill where Tom Ford built his house (we think the Coyotes got Spike). We planted every tree, bush, plant and piece of grass in that huge yard. After 20 years the Lilac bushes are finally as high as the windows (things grow slowly in Santa Fe).

Santa Fe in spring
Santa Fe in spring

The years in Santa Fe were very good years for us, but we wanted a change. Boulder is a great town and we love it here. A bit more snow, still 300 days of sunshine a year, hot summers, blue skies (but not as blue as Santa Fe), a small town. We got a bigger house (that old adobe was small) but a smaller yard. The hiking in the Santa Fe area is good, but the hiking here in Boulder is better. Our house is on the edge of the open space and a good walking trail goes right by us.

Open space in north Boulder
Open space in north Boulder

My main regret in life is that I cannot live in several places at once. I would live in Boulder, Santa Fe, Northern California, New York City, the Cotswolds (England), and southern France. This is why I am so in love with staying in vacation rentals and spending a few weeks in a place when on vacation – I get to settle in and live in these places.

Another thing about Boulder – less than an hour to the Denver airport where we can fly direct to England or France!

We are mostly unpacked and the office is set up. We are finding favorite coffee shops and restaurants. People are very friendly here and we have met a lot of our neighbors. You would not believe the number of great natural foods shops here!

The city plows the walking trails the morning after a snowfall. No matter the weather there is a constant stream of walkers on the trail behind our house, and we are among them. We got about a foot of snow just before Christmas and today when out walking we saw people on snowshoes, cross country skis, sleds, feet and even bikes!

Winter Wonderland
Our new Winter Wonderland

Now it is time to get back to work on Slow Europe and Cotswolder. Time to update to WordPress 2.9. Time to make slideshows of my photos from our fabulous summer trip. Time to plan next summer’s trip.

So, goodbye Santa Fe! I think of you often and part of me does not believe that I do not live there any more.

“Train wheels runnin’ down an open track,
In my mem’ry time to take me back
Are you goin, are you goin’,
To Santa Fe”
– Santa Fe/Beautiful Obsession, Van Morrison, Wavelength

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Pauline Kenny

Pauline Kenny and Steve Cohen are US expats living in Dorset. We moved to the UK in 2010. Read about our move. If you would like to talk about travel, please join us on the Slow Europe Travel Forums.

7 thoughts on “Santa Fe – A Beautiful Obsession”

  1. Oh, Pauline – that was a lovely tribute to “the Santa Fe years.” I’m so glad you’ve settled so happily into Boulder life, and look forward to visiting you there soon! XO, Colleen

  2. We’re selling up soon too Pauline, and have lived in this house twice as long as anywhere else. I was really moved by your post. Glad you’re happily settled now and loving Boulder. New decade, new life!

  3. What you’re writing is how much of us wish we lived. Please continue, us spectators are richer because of it!

  4. Pauline and Steve, your live have been an adventure and you keep making new ones. Your new place seems to fit you so well. I wonder if you will do as much traveling? What a silly thing to wonder 🙂 Enjoy your new world.

  5. Pauline and Steve,

    It can be difficult to move on to another location, we also spent more of our lives in the Albuquerque area than any other city. Obviously New Mexico has a unique draw. Glad to hear Boulder is all that you hoped for…and more.

    Are you Buff fans yet?!

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