We Had a White Christmas

Going through some photos on my camera I found the ones from the snow storm just before Christmas. The snow is old and dirty now, but didn’t it look beautiful when it arrived! Here is Buddy walking the paths that Steve shoveled.

It is so cold today that I spent part of the afternoon looking at vacation rentals in Hawaii.

Buddy in the Snow, December 23 2008

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Pauline Kenny

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4 thoughts on “We Had a White Christmas”

  1. It is very pretty, even though I hate snow. We’ve been lucky so far here, nothing significant to speak of. But tonight we are having an ice storm as I write this. Bleh.

  2. Gorgeous! I love how Santa Fe looks in the snow, and love the scent of the pinon wood burning. Of course, a bit of green chile to warm you up would be nice, too. Buddy is funny! Our cats hated going out in the snow. They’d take a step, shake their paws, jump in the air and head for the door!

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