Kindle Part 2

Comments on my earlier post about traveling with your Kindle made me realize two disadvantages for reading in bed with your Kindle.

1. This morning, reading the New York Times, I yawned and my Kindle slipped out of my hands and smacked me on the chin. I guess a book could do this too.

2. If you leave your Kindle in the unmade bed, your cat might sleep on it.

Kindle and Cat
Kindle and Cat in Bed

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13 thoughts on “Kindle Part 2”

  1. Steve likes to say that Buddy is “too good for the likes of us”. Yes, he is gorgeous – but still a typical cat. And he seems to love sitting or walking on my Kindle (and computers).

  2. My Buddy lookalike is reaching the end of his road and my heart is breaking. Marmalade cats are just the best friends ever. Even his vet, who once babysat him a month, loves him to pieces and would love to find a disease she could treat, but it’s just age. The treatment is allowing him to sit on my chest while I look into his eyes and tell him what a good friend he has been to me. He likes that.

  3. I am sorry to hear that Judith. My old Butch and Spike died 4 yrs ago this summer and I still miss them. They were such great cats. Buddy is a good companion cat – he does not like to sit on our laps, but he is always nearby. He helped us get over the loss of Butch and Spike (who both died young at 14).

  4. Okay – I think I just need to see one of these things … I just don’t know if I can get behind them. I like the feel of a book, I like turning the pages as a sign of accomplishment (have far I’ve come and how far I have to go), and I like books filling the shelves in my house. On the other hand, I also love the feel of a fountain pen as I write in a really lovely paper journal, but I’ve managed to put that aside and blog instead so who knows??

  5. I too love physical books and have shelves full of them. But what I don’t like is going thru all my paperbacks and sorting them and boxing them and taking them to sell or to the local library. I have ten boxes in the garage right now that I have to deal with. You must have this same problem because I know you read more than I do (and I read a lot).

    I will always have a collection of hardcovers of my favorite books, but it is those junky paperbacks that the Kindle replaces for me. And I read the NY Times on it.

  6. Hi Pauline–
    Am a newish Slow Travel subscriber and didn’t know about this new site of yours until I was researching Kindles. I’m going on a long trip April 22 to Italy (with a week at the end in Paris). I don’t have a Kindle. Am a lifelong voracious reader so I’ve been wanting one for a while. Will be taking a laptop, so could download Kindle books in Europe. Do I have to have a VPN to do that? I gather yes from your blog entry. So… should I save money and get a Kindle 1 for around $200 or spend the extra $160 on the Kindle 2 (IYO). Is the 2 really worth it (it looks nicer for sure). Also, does the VPN you used in England work in Italy do you know?

    On another topic, do you have a particular rental agency in Paris you really trust that doesn’t take too much $$ if you cancel? Gotta book a place for June 4-11 ASAP. I’m going solo, but I still think an apt. is a better bet for me (as I can eat breakfast at home–save carbs and $$0. But…on the other hand, any hotel suggestions? (Or is Paris not your “tasse de thé”).

    Thanks so much and good luck with SlowEurope!


  7. Hi Pat! The VPN is needed so that the Amazon website thinks you are in the US – the VPN software gives you a US IP address even though you are in Europe (it will work anywhere in the world).

    You only need this if you want to purchase new books when in Europe. I would wait until I was in Europe and was at the point where I wanted to buy a new book – then try to purchase. If the Amazon site does not let you (as happened with us in England in January 2008), then install and run a VPN. There is a chance that Amazon is no longer checking IP address of the computer trying to purchase – and you may not need to purchase any more books while traveling.

    I would spend the extra and get the Kindle 2. The screen is the same size but is a bit more readable, the battery lasts longer.

    Paris is my tasse de the – we just booked 8 nights at the end of May with . But they did not have many smaller apartments available. Most vacation rental agencies ask for 25 – 50% deposit on booking, full payment 30 – 60 days ahead – with nothing returned if you cancel (unless they can rebook it). I do not know of any vacation rentals by owner or agencies that take a smaller deposit.

    I would book a hotel that you can cancel so that you have something. Then I would book a vacation rental at the last minute, when you know you are going. And you might get a good discount for booking at the last minute. Haven in Paris has a page with discounts for last minute bookings. Do the research now and bring a list of apartments that look good with you, so you don’t have to spend precious Italy time doing the research.

    I had a post about Paris vacation rentals and Kim said she thought you could save a lot of money doing a last minute booking – Pour une nuit?. And Kim did a good post on her blog about finding well prices Paris apartments – Paris Apartments.

    If you stay in vacation rentals on this trip, submit your reviews to Slow Europe (and to SlowTrav too, of course)!

    Sounds like a great trip!

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