Traveling With Your Kindle (updated)

The new Kindle, Wi-Fi and 3G, from Amazon
The new Kindle, Wi-Fi and 3G, from Amazon

Updated September 2010

The Kindle is an electronic book reader available from Amazon. I have been using a Kindle since it was first released in December 2007 and I highly recommend it. The new Kindles (released in 2010), the Kindle Wi-Fi and Kindle 3G (free 3G + Wi-Fi), work in many countries. There are no “roaming” charges if you use the Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet for downloading when traveling in Europe.

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This was originally a blog post, now updated and moved to the Slow Europe site.

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  1. Thanks for this post. I’ve been asking these very same questions about the new Kindle. I wonder if, even with the extra charges, it will work in Italy….

  2. Pauline, we almost bought Kindle’s but have decided to wait to see what the new generation will be with some of the other companies. But I suspect we will end up with the original fairly soon–certainly before our next trip. Thanks for keeping us informed.

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