Three Tweeters, One Restaurant, Paris

A quick post to say that we have started our Summer 2009 Europe trip and are having a great time, but I am either too busy or too exhausted from the too busy, to post. I am tweeting when I can – @PaulineK.

On Thursday evening we met Dana (@danamac) who I know from the SlowTrav community and from Twitter. Dana is the person who got me to join Twitter. Via Twitter we realized we were both going to be in Paris at the same time, so we arranged to have dinner one evening. Dana is a foodie and Steve and I are pretty much anti-foodies, so it was hard to agree on a restaurant, but we finally picked Pulcinella, a new Italian restaurant in Montmartre (the 18th).

We met at our apartment, talked for an hour, then took the Metro to the restaurant. As we were sitting down the two women and the next table bonjoured us. Then one of them asked if we spoke English, if we were American, if I was on Twitter. We were sitting beside @louloufrance who I had just started following a few weeks before!!! She recognized me from my Twitter photo (hers is a group of figs, so I did not recognize her) and she sort of knew me from the SlowTrav community.

LouLouFrance (not her real name!) is an American who lives in the south of France. She knows everything about cheese and desserts too I think. Her blog is: Chez LouLou.

Reading her blog I find out she knows David Lebovitz whose book “The Sweet Life in Paris” I downloaded to my Kindle and read in our first few days here (great book with lots of good information for Paris, plus recipes). Wow!!

Isn’t that an amazing coincidence? That we were at the same restaurant. That I was seated beside her (and facing her). That she recognized me from Twitter. I will be talking about this for years. In all the time that I ran the SlowTrav community, only once has someone ever recognized me on the street – and it was on my street in Santa Fe and was back in the very early days. I always heard about other community members running into people in Italy, but it never happened to me (well, it did happen in Savannah, but there were 100 of us there for that party and it is a small town).

And the Tweeter on the other side of me at that dinner, Dana, is no travel slouch either. She runs a great travel blog, The Traveling McMahans (she was in Morocco for a week before coming to Paris) and writes for Food Connect!

It was a lovely evening – but I can’t even spare the time to upload a photo of our amazing apartment view (we look over the Cluny rooftops to Notre Dame and Sacre Cour) because we want to do an early evening stroll down Boulevard St Germaine!! Hey, we are in Paris!! (Leaving for the Cotswolds on Wednesday.)

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12 thoughts on “Three Tweeters, One Restaurant, Paris”

  1. It was a funny conicidence, wasn’t it? I follow both of you, so it was strange to see you gradually converge on Pars and then meet up in real life like that!

    Oh, plus I know Erica, whom you are renting the flat from (we develop her website).

  2. It was such a coincidence that I thought she might think I was stalking her, but then she reminded me that it was she who recognized me! Really, what are the chances of this happening? Very slight, I think.

    Veronica, I love the HIP website – you do great work!

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  4. Pauline, where are you going after Paris?

    I love your new site, btw. Jim and I have booked a rental through The Luberon (Paolo) for last September. We tried to get the place Marta recommended, but it was booked.

  5. What a great story, Pauline! You never know where a tweeter will turn up. 😉 Am so looking forward to pix of your apartment!
    Hope you’re enjoying the gardens of Paris – they must be amazing at this time of year … besides the glorious Luxemburg, two others I like: Les Invalides gardens near Napoleon’s tomb and the resistance museum, and the plant allee near the Hammam de la Mosquee. (Across the street, outside the natural history museum.)

  6. We have visited the Luxembourg Gardens twice. Today we were at the Jardin des Plantes – lovely. We went to Les Invalides but must have missed the gardents. I feel like I am just getting into stride with Paris and we leave the day after tomorrow. And tomorrow is taken up visiting with friends from Germany who just happen to be here at the same time (which will be great). Wendy likes the Jardin du Palais Royale, and our friends are staying near there, so maybe tomorrow.

    We made it to one museum – the Cluny which is right beside our apartment. Wonderful Roman and medieval things – lovely tapestries. Some statues from Notre Dame.

    Also there is a beautiful small park right beside us in front of the Cluny, named for a Mathematician (which Steve likes) – too lazy to look up the name.

  7. We had fun posing with the statue of Montaigne in front of a garden near the Cluny on Rue des Ecoles. We called him my metrosexual boyfriend. 😀 (But I think he was a writer.)

  8. It was such a funny coincidence! And I’m really happy that I got to meet you three. You’ll have to let me know the next time you are in Paris and we can meet up again!
    How was the rest of your trip? We had a wonderful time!

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