Monk Seal Action on Poipu Beach

We have been on Kauai, Hawaii for the past week and are having a great time going for walks, swimming, exploring the island. The monk seals beach themselves on the beaches in Poipu and spend the whole day sleeping. They are protected, so as soon as they settle in for a nap, someone puts a rope fence around them so that people cannot get close. Sometimes they take up half the beach! They are fun to watch, but not much happens.

Kauai Monk Seals
Kauai Monk Seals

Today it is raining so I had time to make this action-packed (not!!) video.

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One thought on “Monk Seal Action on Poipu Beach”

  1. I laughed watching this video. They really do have quite a life! I was lucky to watch one come out of the water once. He would move an inch, rest, move an inch, rest….
    Once he found a spot for the day, he rarely moved again. Glad you were able to see seals and turtles while in Kauai 🙂

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