Thinking About a Vacation Rental in France?

Airfares are on sale for this summer. Staying in a vacation rental is less expensive than a hotel and you get more for your money – a whole house or apartment where you can spread out, settle in and live like a local for a week or two. Maybe it is time to think about a week or two in the French countryside?

Walking out to the village cafe in the morning, exploring nearby historic towns and villages, maybe doing a nice countryside walk in the late afternoon before returning to your village to have a glass of wine on your terrace and think about shopping for dinner. Sounds pretty darned nice to me.

Read Marta’s notes about vacation rentals in France – where to rent, how to book, what to expect in a French house. Then look through our recommended vacation rentals in France and start your trip planning. Marta put together a slideshow of photos from her recent rentals in France to give you an idea of the types of places you can rent.

French Vacation Rental
Gourmet kitchen in a Provence vacation rental

If you are new to vacation rentals in Europe, start by reading our Vacation Rentals Guide – everything you need to know about vacation rentals in Europe.

If you have any questions about trip planning or staying in European vacation rentals, post on the Slow Europe Travel Forums.

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5 thoughts on “Thinking About a Vacation Rental in France?”

  1. Enjoyed reading this posting: France is exceptionally good value this year. Owners have been responsive in reducing their rates to conteract the problems of the world economy and are generally cheaper than 2008.

  2. Agreed. I took a trip to France in Aix-en-Provence this year and it was much cheaper than the previous years that I had been there. I payed the same amount for 1 week at 2 locations than I payed for a couple days at a nice hotel. The experience was way better at the house as well and I was not in a basic room in which there are 50 alike in the same building.

  3. Nice and Cannes are still as expensive as they have always been. But it is really lovely here and weather is still nice.

    Will miss the Marathon November 8th, though.

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