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Recently, on Twitter, I ran into Lois Sealey who lives in London and runs Home Base Holidays, a home exchange website. I know Lois from my SlowTrav days.

Lately I have been interested in the idea of home exchanges, which in many ways are similar to staying in vacation rentals when you travel. You are staying in a home, not a hotel, and are based in a neighborhood where you experience a place as a local does. With vacation rentals you pay by the week, with a home exchange you trade homes – vacation rental barter!

To coincide with this weeks “Slow Down London” festival, Lois invited me to write two posts for her Home Exchange Travel blog. Here they are:

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Laura Byrne Paquet, who writes the blog Facing the Street, wrote about home exchanges for Slow Europe.

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  1. Thanks for listing these links and additional resources. As you know we’re trying to arrange a couple of exchanges, and in the end I think luck has more to do with it than anything else! After committing $100 to one home exchange site with no luck so far, I’m very reluctant to make the financial commitment to others. I do still check ‘our’ home exchange site regularly and am actively searching for an exchange, but it’s really, REALLY frustrating!

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