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Riviera PebblesFor this month’s profile we talked to Gayle Roberts, owner of Riviera Pebbles and Nice Pebbles. She and her husband Matt relocated from England to the famed French Riviera where they established a rapidly-growing boutique vacation rental agency which places high emphasis on customer service and quality accommodations.

Gayle Roberts’ enthusiasm for the resort city of Nice emanates through her emails and from her websites, Riviera Pebbles and Nice Pebbles. She confesses that she fell head-long in love with the place, but says that it was Nice itself that made the amorous overtures. “Nice chose us rather than us choosing Nice. We loved it as visitors and it was just a natural transition. If it wasn’t for falling in love with Nice, we would still be in the UK in our old careers.”

Slow Europe Article – Profile of Riviera Pebbles

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