The World of Slow Travel

Very nice article in the Wall Street Journal magazine about the various definitions of “Slow Travel”. They included the definition that I used when I created the website and community – spending a week in one place instead of moving fast to many places on a trip. Wall Street Journal magazine, Easy Rider, Nancy Keates, April 29, 2010. “Like the slow-food movement, slow travel offers an antidote to today‚Äôs fast-paced lifestyle. “ I wish … Continue reading The World of Slow Travel

A Year in England

View towards Minchinhampton Commons

For the past several years Steve and I have been planning to do “A Year in England”. We love England for many reasons – the beautiful countryside, the abundance of good walking and hiking trails, the charming villages, the people, the tea – and we want to do a longer stay. We spent five months in England in the late 1980s (fall and winter) but did not return until 2000 when we spent a month … Continue reading A Year in England