A Short Trip to the Loire Valley

In July we did a short trip to France – five nights in the Loire Valley followed by four nights in Normandy. We are currently living in England, so flew from Bristol Airport to Paris, picked up a rental car and drove four hours to the Loire Valley, west of Tours. We stayed in a vacation rental (gite) in the countryside north of the Loire River. It is flat in this part of the country, … Continue reading A Short Trip to the Loire Valley

Smoke in the Air

Sweet peas from the garden

People are really into their gardens here, and by “garden” I mean what I would call a “yard”. I figured out this wordplay recently. To me, a garden is a part of your yard where you grow flowers or vegetables, but here “garden” means the area surrounding your house and “yard” is a measurement. This is just one of the verbal mistakes that I make here on a daily basis. I am at that point … Continue reading Smoke in the Air