May in the Cotswolds

A quick post to say that we arrived, the cat arrived (actually he arrived a day before us) and we are all settling into our cottage in Nailsworth. The weather was cold and sunny at first but summer started this week. Everything seems to be in bloom. The bluebells are just ending, but we did several walks when they were at their peak. The garlic flowers (ransoms) are still at their peak and are everywhere.

Friends from London are visiting this weekend and we had a blissfully lovely day driving around the nearby villages, having lunch at The Kitchen in Minchinhampton (my favorite Cotswolds tea room), walking along the no-longer-used Cotswold Canal near Sapperton, shopping for vegetables and having tea at The Organic Farm Shop near Cirencester, visiting the beautiful exit of the canal tunnel that runs from Sapperton to Coates, then back to our cottage to make dinner and sit out in the garden. It is after 9pm now and the sun is just setting.

Wild Iris along the Cotswold Canal
Wild Iris along the Cotswold Canal

At one point today we were walking along the canal in beautiful woods where the only sounds were the birds singing and the running water, walking along hillsides covered in white garlic flowers, with wild Irises growing in the marshy areas, when we came to a part of the path under an apple tree and the pink blossoms had covered the path like the walkway to a church after a wedding and I thought, this is it – perfection.

We have done several wonderful hikes. The new VW Golf that we leased is perfect for the narrow lanes and we are sharing the driving now that I am a competent English side of the road driver. We have been to Waitrose several times (my favorite upscale supermarket), shopped at the fabulous Stroud Farmers’ Market, even went to Ikea to purchase the desk that I am using right now.

Buddy (the cat) is learning about life at zero altitude (Boulder is at 5,000 feet, Santa Fe at 7,000) and came face to face with his first chicken. He got chased out of the chicken area because the neighbor thought he was a fox. Whiz, the cat next door, is keeping Buddy in his place, but they seem to be working out a truce.

Looking forward to having the whole summer in the Cotswolds!

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Pauline Kenny

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8 thoughts on “May in the Cotswolds”

  1. Welcome to the Cotswolds! You certainly seemed to have brought the summer with you. The weather is glorious and supposed to be like this for the next few days, cooling down a bit middle of next week.

    Perhaps our paths will cross?


  2. Oh Pauline, I am yearning… I so wanted to be back in the UK for the spring and you describe it so beautifully. Hope I can get back before you leave and will come down and visit. Enjoy your ramblings…

  3. Pauline & Steve,

    Glad to hear all three of you are there safely after all the planning and I’m sure worrying about the “ash”. I’m sure Buddy is enjoying the change in surroundings.

    Pauline – way to go on the driving!


  4. It sounds so lovely! I’m happy the weather is drier than the last spring you spent in the Cotswolds. 🙂 I’d have loved to see Buddy face off with a chicken! lol

  5. Pauline,
    So great to hear about the latest Cotswolds adventures. And this time with Buddy, too. Do keep us posted on how Buddy adapts to his new surroundings.

  6. Sounds beautiful!! Much nicer than Portland — which is cold and raining! I’ll follow your blog for once and stay apprised of how you are all doing that way.

  7. Hi Pauline, I’m so glad to hear that all three of you have arrived safely and are enjoying yourselves. That was a cute story about Buddy and the chicken. It’s nice that he’s developing a friendship with Whiz.

    Your description of your beautiful surroundings with the flowers, the birds singing and the running water does sound perfect.

    Thank you for your wonderful post.

  8. Pauline, we really enjoyed our full English breakfasts and a couple of dinners at the Cotswold House Hotel-Hicks.
    And the tea room on High Street was excellent. We had jacket potatoes there.

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