How to Listen to British Radio in the US

BBC Radio 4
BBC Radio 4

When we lived in the US I listened to NPR a lot, and even though I still catch some of my favorite programs via Podcast, I have turned into a total BBC Radio 4 junkie. I have a radio in the kitchen and if I am in there, Radio 4 is on. I even time my cooking to listen to The Archers at 7:03 every night (except Saturday).

In the US I listened to NPR when driving but driving here is so intense that only in the last few months have I become relaxed enough to have the radio on.

Listen to BBC Radio Online or by Podcast

Radio Podcasts are not restricted by location as BBC TV is – just go into iTunes and subscribe or go to the Radio 4 website to listen online or download podcasts.

BBC Radio 4: Listen online, download podcasts, read about their shows.

Quiz Shows are an Excuse for Comedy

Many British comedy shows, on TV and Radio, are presented in a quiz show format. My favorite Radio 4 show is Friday Night Comedy – The News Quiz which is a group of comedians talking about the week’s news events. But listen closely, they are on teams and the host Sandi Toksvig is keeping score. No one really cares about the scores but the winner is declared at the end.

My favorite BBC Radio 4 Shows

  • Friday Night Comedy – Comedy related to the week’s new events. There are two formats: The News Quiz and The Now Show.
  • Just a Minute – Panelists have to talk on a topic without repetition or hesitation. Way more interesting than it sounds.
  • Broadcasting House – Sunday morning news show.
  • Desert Island Discs – Interviews based on picking music they would want if stranded on a desert island.

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3 thoughts on “How to Listen to British Radio in the US”

  1. It took me only about 2 minutes to find BBC 4 among the internet radio stations on my Squeezebox and add it to my favorites, joining two French stations I already listen to regularly. Thanks!

  2. I am so happy that you can access these programs in the US. Our list of favourites is identical Pauline and Radio 4 goes on each morning even before the kettle!

    Are you able to access BBC Radio 4 Extra too? It is an extraordinary treasure trove of archived stuff, including some of the very best of Brit comedy radio shows.

    1. Hi Jane! I bought a small digital radio when we first arrived here and it has all the BBC channels. I hear them mentioning Radio 4 Extra, but have not tried it. I will give it a try!

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