My Knitted Log Cabin Blanket

Log Cabin Blanket

Log Cabin is a traditional quilting technique that has been adapted to create a knitted blanket. My version is made of six Log Cabin squares, joined together with a border and then with a border around the whole thing. On Thursday mornings I meet with the Chalford Stitchers for a couple of hours of knitting, stitching and chatting. These stitchers produce beautiful quilts. I hope to start on a quilt this winter, but so far … Continue reading My Knitted Log Cabin Blanket

British Heatwave

Beach at Church Cove, Cornwall

Last year in England the weather was dismal and wet. Everyone is still talking about it. We had a very wet summer and a cold winter followed by the start of a nice spring, but then it turned very cold again. In June everything changed. The sun came out and the temperatures rose. It was a beautiful summer, with long warm days and lots of sunshine. We even had a “heatwave” (temperatures over 80 degrees … Continue reading British Heatwave