High Winds and Heavy Rain

West Bay

The MET Office has started naming storm systems, the way they name hurricanes in North America. At the end of December we have already been through Abigal, Barney, Clodagh, Desmond, and Eva. Frank is battering us now. Desmond caused flooding in Cumbria. Eva caused flooding in Lancashire and Yorkshire on Boxing Day. Frank is hitting all these spots, plus Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Towns that flooded in early December are being flooded again now. The … Continue reading High Winds and Heavy Rain

Leaving The Cotswolds

At the end of October, after five and a half years living in the Cotswolds, we left. We arrived in Nailsworth in spring 2010, me, Steve and our cat Buddy, with the idea of spending a year in the Cotswolds. We rented out our house in Colorado and rented a furnished house in Nailsworth. We had tried living in England twice before, but it never stuck. In the late 80s we spent six months traveling … Continue reading Leaving The Cotswolds