England Weather in 2014

In 2014 I took a photo each day and recorded the weather. You can see the list of photos here and the description of this project here.

Below is a count of days we had sun and the days we had rain (could be both on the same day) in 2014. It is a personal weather record, not a record for where we live in the Cotswold, England. Most of the time we were at home, but we did four trips to the continent and one trip to Cornwall and those days are in the count.

Totals: 260 days with sunshine, 81 days with rain, 2 days with snow.
Sunniest month: July (all days were in England).
Least sunny month: January (all days were in England).

According to the MET Office, 2014 was the warmest year on record in the UK. Every month was warmer on average than previous records, except for August. January was the wettest January on record. September was the driest September on record.

The conclusion of my research? The weather is just fine in England! Not too hot, not too cold. Enough sun and not as much rain as you might think.

Cotswold Way near Broadway on July 1, 2014
Cotswold Way near Broadway on July 1, 2014

January: Sun – 14 days. Rain – 8 days. Snow – 1 day.
Wettest January on record.

February: Sun – 15 days. Rain – 11 days. Snow – 1 day.

March: Sun – 19 days. Rain – 5 days.

April: Sun – 23 days. Rain – 2 days.
This count includes 10 days in Italy (Sicily).

May: Sun – 20 days. Rain – 6 days.
This count includes 14 days in France (Provence and Languedoc).

June: Sun – 28 days. Rain – 7 days.
This count includes 9 nights in Italy (Umbria and Tuscany) where we had some rain.

July: Sun – 30 days. Rain – 2 days.
Temps over 80F for a few days.

August: Sun – 26 days. Rain – 13 days.
One week was spent in Cornwall. A big storm system came in then. One day we spent in the rain on Bodmin Moor, but it was sunny on the coast. The last two days of the month we were in Switzerland.

September: Sun – 24 days. Rain – 4 days.
We spent most of this month in the Swiss and French Alps. England had perfect weather in September – sunny, warm and dry (a record setting month). We had more rain where we were.

October: Sun – 23 days. Rain – 12 days.

November: Sun – 20 days. Rain – 7 days.

December: Sun – 18 days. Rain – 4 days.

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