French Kitchen Linens

French Tea Towels

Kitchen linens – tea towels, table napkins, table cloths – are my favorite thing to buy when traveling in France! They are beautiful, useful and easy to pack. They give me delight when I use them at home and they remind me of our trips. In France you will find shops devoted to household linens in most towns. Look for the window display of towels and linens or for the rack of tea towels hanging … Continue reading French Kitchen Linens

How to Listen to British Radio in the US

BBC Radio 4

When we lived in the US I listened to NPR a lot, and even though I still catch some of my favorite programs via Podcast, I have turned into a total BBC Radio 4 junkie. I have a radio in the kitchen and if I am in there, Radio 4 is on. I even time my cooking to listen to The Archers at 7:03 every night (except Saturday). In the US I listened to NPR … Continue reading How to Listen to British Radio in the US

How to Watch British TV in the US

BBC iPlayer

One of the many things that I like about living in England is the television. The BBC produces great dramas, comedies and news shows. Every household pays a TV license  (£145.50 per year) which pays for the BBC, so you have public ownership of the part of the media.There are four BBC channels, creatively named One, Two, Three and Four. People tell me that each has a different “flavor” of show, but I have not … Continue reading How to Watch British TV in the US

Making Great Coffee at Home

Jura Capresso Coffee Maker

This is a followup blog post to a post from our 2007 trip to Switzerland – The Coffee in Switzerland is Great! Steve and I love coffee. I drink 2 – 3 cups a day and I want them to be perfect. At home we have Jura Capresso Impressa E8, an older model similar to the Jura Capresso F50, and we love it. It was expensive, around $800. You put water into one side of … Continue reading Making Great Coffee at Home

Make Your Own Bread – Updated

No-Knead Whole Wheat Bread

Last spring I started making bread twice a week using the No-Knead Bread recipe. I was so thrilled with this recipe that I posted it on this blog in July. Since then I have continued making the bread and have refined my technique. Now I use a willow proofing basket and the La Clouche clay baker. I no longer use the 4 cup whole wheat recipe, but have changed it to a 3 cup recipe. … Continue reading Make Your Own Bread – Updated

Make Your Own (European Style) Bread

No-Knead Bread

Post updated January 2013. I have been making this bread for years and love the recipe. One of the things that I love in France, Germany and Switzerland is the bread! A basket of perfect croissants in the morning at a cafe in France, a bakery with at least ten types of fresh baked bread in Germany, the wonderful whole wheat breads served for breakfast in a tea room in Switzerland. We have great quality … Continue reading Make Your Own (European Style) Bread

Moo Mini Cards – cute, cute, cute!!

Moo Mini Cards – these are so cute! Recently, SlowTrav was mentioned in Skirt Magazine, in a fun article called “7 Deadly Sins”. We were sin #2 – Take the lazy way. This is a womens’ magazine available in the Southeast. Kaydee posted about it in this thread on the message board. Kaydee listed the other sins and #4 was “Take pride in your pictures”. Kaydee’s note: interesting … something you can do through flickr … Continue reading Moo Mini Cards – cute, cute, cute!!