Fragrance-free Flights Please!

A fragrance-free flight would be impossible. How could you stop people from wearing perfume or aftershave, using scented soaps, body washes and hair products, or washing their clothes in strongly scented laundry products? You couldn’t. If someone is sensitive to synthetic fragrances, being on a plane is difficult. But several airlines have made an already bad situation much worse by spraying “signature scents” in their airplane cabins. This leaves us travelers sitting in a chemical … Continue reading Fragrance-free Flights Please!

European Experience Photos

Adam and a Cat

I was one of the judges of the European Experiences photo contest. People who have been on their tours sent in photos showing their experiences. Here are the 10 winners. My friends Kathy and Charley Wood, who run European Experiences, are celebrating five years of doing small group tours of France, Italy, England and Austria. They do a great job – as is shown by these beautiful photos. If you don’t want to spend days … Continue reading European Experience Photos

Lords of the Manor in Upper Slaughter

Upper Slaughter in the Cotswolds

Hotel Review by Wendy Ashworth, May 2009 Lords of the Manor, 4-star hotel in Upper Slaughter in the Cotswolds, England In December 2008 Wendy and her husband Richard spent a weekend at the Lords of the Manor hotel in Upper Slaughter, in the Cotswolds (England). Arrival at Lords of the Manor Upon arrival we were greeted and welcomed most warmly and shown up to our room: Chadlington at the far end of the group of … Continue reading Lords of the Manor in Upper Slaughter

Slow Down London

Check out the Slow Down London website. This is a group of Londoners wanting to bring “slow” to London. They are having a festival from April 24 to May 4, with events like a Slow Walk across Waterloo Bridge to start the festival, a series of Slow Walks to explore London, a talk by Slow Guru Carl Honere (“In Praise of Slowness”) and many other great events.

Slow Travel Tours New Blog

Slow Travel Tours is a group of small group tour operators who do tours in France, Italy and other European countries. They all met in the Slow Travel Forums and decided to work together marketing their tours. Now they are blogging! Each week one of the group does a post. Their first series of posts are about how they fell in love with travel and Europe. Read more on the  Slow Travel Tours Blog. I am … Continue reading Slow Travel Tours New Blog

Snow Sweeps Across Britain

We spent two months in the Cotswolds last winter and had one wonderful day of snow – not so much fun driving from Oxford home the night of the snow storm (you don’t realize how steep the hills are until you are driving them in snow) but wonderful the next day when the countryside was covered in snow and the sky was bright blue. It was only a few inches of snow and was the … Continue reading Snow Sweeps Across Britain

The Water is Rising in Venice

Acqua Alta (high water) frequently comes to Venice in November and December, but right now they are having higher water than usual. The floods seem to come in quickly and leave quickly and Venetians have been dealing with this for centuries, so are prepared. Barriers are placed against doorways to stop the water coming in. Wooden walkways are put up so that people can still get around the city, above the water. Parts of Venice … Continue reading The Water is Rising in Venice

Matt Harding Video on the Daily Show

I like the “Where the Hell is Matt” videos and wrote about them earlier this year. I also like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (on Comedy Central). The Thursday night The Daily Show featured a segment called “International Male” showing the reactions around the world for the Obama win and using parts of Matt Harding’s original video (starts at 2:30 minutes into the segment)! Where the Hell is Matt (website and videos) The Daily Show … Continue reading Matt Harding Video on the Daily Show

If Obama wins, will Europeans like us again?

We are always treated well by Europeans when we travel in Europe. Most people realize that the US is a divided country and about half of Americans did not support Bush. But a majority of Europeans do not favor our current president and his policies, and sometimes that feeling makes its way to us tourists. If Obama wins, will Europeans think differently about the US? I think they will. I am very tense waiting for … Continue reading If Obama wins, will Europeans like us again?

Affordable Accommodations in Europe


The Sunday New York Times has an article about staying in Convents in Europe. New York Times, Monastic Doors Open for Travelers, by Jane Margolies, Oct 19, 2008 This detailed article lists great resources for finding and booking this less expensive type of European accommodation. The writer mentions an article that I wrote with Kathy Wood for SlowTrav  – You CAN Afford Europe This Year – where we give our favorite tips for doing less … Continue reading Affordable Accommodations in Europe