Driving in France With a British Car

Fiat 500

Two thirds of the world drive on the right side of the road. Even boats and airplanes drive on the right. But four island nations in Europe drive on the left – the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, and Cyprus. We live in the United Kingdom, a left-hand traffic country on the edge of a vast right-hand traffic area. I love driving. I started driving as soon as I turned 16, the legal age in Canada. … Continue reading Driving in France With a British Car


Trail into Bridport

The UK magazine Country Walking runs a challenge to walk 1000 miles in a year. This year Steve and I decided to join in. 1000 miles works out to 2.73 miles per day or about 20 miles per week. It doesn’t sound like much, but if you miss a day or two those miles pile up. Do you remember that episode of the 1950s TV show I Love Lucy where Lucy and Ethel start work … Continue reading #Walk1000Miles

Settling into our House in Dorset

Household things

We moved into our new house on March 1. This was our fourth move in six years of living in the UK. Since we were never sure if we were staying, and we had not shipped our personal things from the US, moving was easy because we had a modest amount of things. Living in a house you don’t own, not buying things for the house because you won’t be there long, means that you … Continue reading Settling into our House in Dorset

Buying a House in England

House Keys

We’ve done it – we bought a house in England. The process is different than buying a house in the US – all the same pieces of the transaction are there, but they are done in a different order. In this post I will outline the steps we went through for buying a house in England. (Apparently it is different if buying in Scotland.) This is my personal experience comparing buying a house in the … Continue reading Buying a House in England

Arriving in Dorset

West Bay

We moved to the Cotswolds in May of 2010 and each summer spent a week in Dorset or Cornwall. We were happy in the Cotswolds and didn’t think of moving to the coast, but we liked to visit in the summer. As much as we loved Cornwall, the way that narrow piece of land juts out into the Atlantic, it just felt too far away from everything and too exposed to the elements in winter. … Continue reading Arriving in Dorset

High Winds and Heavy Rain

West Bay

The MET Office has started naming storm systems, the way they name hurricanes in North America. At the end of December we have already been through Abigal, Barney, Clodagh, Desmond, and Eva. Frank is battering us now. Desmond caused flooding in Cumbria. Eva caused flooding in Lancashire and Yorkshire on Boxing Day. Frank is hitting all these spots, plus Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Towns that flooded in early December are being flooded again now. The … Continue reading High Winds and Heavy Rain

Leaving The Cotswolds

At the end of October, after five and a half years living in the Cotswolds, we left. We arrived in Nailsworth in spring 2010, me, Steve and our cat Buddy, with the idea of spending a year in the Cotswolds. We rented out our house in Colorado and rented a furnished house in Nailsworth. We had tried living in England twice before, but it never stuck. In the late 80s we spent six months traveling … Continue reading Leaving The Cotswolds

How I Became a Citizen of Several Countries

Steve and Pauline in Basilicata

People frequently ask me how I am able to live in the UK. A US or Canadian citizen can live here for six months as a visitor. In most of Europe only 90 days are allowed. Steve and I are both Irish citizens, which gives us the right to live in any of the European Union countries, including the UK. My father was born in Ireland, lived there until his mid-20s, then moved to England … Continue reading How I Became a Citizen of Several Countries

Five Years in the Cotswolds

We arrived in England the first week of May in 2010. Last month we had our five year anniversary of living here. Five years!! My big dream was to spend five years in the Cotswolds. Dream accomplished. When I was younger I dreamed of spending a year or two traveling. Steve and I traveled in the US for a year, then in Europe for a year. About a month after we got back from Europe, … Continue reading Five Years in the Cotswolds

England Weather in 2014

In 2014 I took a photo each day and recorded the weather. You can see the list of photos here and the description of this project here. Below is a count of days we had sun and the days we had rain (could be both on the same day) in 2014. It is a personal weather record, not a record for where we live in the Cotswold, England. Most of the time we were at … Continue reading England Weather in 2014