Daily Photo of the Cotswolds in 2014

Near the end of 2013 I decided to take a photo each day for a year. We had been living in England for 3½ years and I wanted to get an accurate idea of the weather. I thought a photo every day with a note about the weather would let me see how many days with sun we get each year. It was an interesting time to start this project because a storm system was … Continue reading Daily Photo of the Cotswolds in 2014

Summer is Around the Corner

This winter was cold and wet, and seemed to go on forever. The storms started in December, just before Christmas and continued until the end of February. It seemed like it would never stop raining. There was bad flooding in areas near us, but not in our area this time. The main effect of the storms for us was that it kept us off the muddy footpaths and instead we walked on the lanes through … Continue reading Summer is Around the Corner

British Heatwave

Beach at Church Cove, Cornwall

Last year in England the weather was dismal and wet. Everyone is still talking about it. We had a very wet summer and a cold winter followed by the start of a nice spring, but then it turned very cold again. In June everything changed. The sun came out and the temperatures rose. It was a beautiful summer, with long warm days and lots of sunshine. We even had a “heatwave” (temperatures over 80 degrees … Continue reading British Heatwave