Knitting Shawls

Shawl - Theme and Variation

My latest knitting obsession is shawls, knitted in sock yarn (also called fingering or 4 ply). This is a thin yarn, knitted on 3.5mm needles. Shawls are easy to knit, so are perfect to knit while watching TV, listening to the radio or on a trip when you want something simple. Most are garter stitch (knit every row) but some are a combination of garter and stocking stitch (knit right side, purl wrong side). They … Continue reading Knitting Shawls

Knitted Log Cabin Rug

This was a quick project to make a floor mat with THICK wool and big needles. The mat measures 20 inches square. I am using it in a small spot in front of the sink in the bathroom. Using the log cabin technique, you can make it any size you want. Yarn: Brown Sheep Burly Spun, 100% wool, 8oz (226 gm) – 1 ball oatmeal, 1 ball wild oak Needles: 9mm (US 13) Notes: All … Continue reading Knitted Log Cabin Rug

My Knitted Red Log Cabin Blanket

Knitted Red Blanket

After I finished my first knitted log cabin blanket, I started another version. This time I used DK wool instead of Aran. I took my ideas from Mason-Dixon Knitting Flying Geese Blanket. This blanket was very easy to make. Because it is done in garter stitch, where you knit every row, it goes quickly. Here is the finished blanket (which needs blocking, but I didn’t bother). It looks a bit like a flag, but I … Continue reading My Knitted Red Log Cabin Blanket

My Knitted Log Cabin Blanket

Log Cabin Blanket

Log Cabin is a traditional quilting technique that has been adapted to create a knitted blanket. My version is made of six Log Cabin squares, joined together with a border and then with a border around the whole thing. On Thursday mornings I meet with the Chalford Stitchers for a couple of hours of knitting, stitching and chatting. These stitchers produce beautiful quilts. I hope to start on a quilt this winter, but so far … Continue reading My Knitted Log Cabin Blanket

Knitting Socks

Knitting Socks

I like to bring some type of “project” with me on trips, something to do in the evenings or when taking a break during the day. During our year in Europe, 20 years ago, we were traveling light so I brought a deck of cards and played endless games of Solitare. After that I went through a needlepoint phase. Needlepoint projects are good because they are small and light, but take a long time to … Continue reading Knitting Socks