A Large Incinerator on the Edge of the Cotswolds

Haresfield Beacon

The Cotswolds is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) designated by the British government as an area that is to be conserved. Most of the Cotswolds is in Gloucestershire, under the control of the Gloucestershire County Council. That council decided to build a large incinerator, to process up to 190,000 tonnes of municipal, commercial and industrial waste per year, on the western edge of the Cotswolds, four miles from where I live, two miles … Continue reading A Large Incinerator on the Edge of the Cotswolds

Slow Europe Travel Forums

Slow Europe Travel Forums

Announcing the new Slow Europe Travel Forums! Drop by, have a look and join in the conversation. Forums (message boards, bulletin boards, news groups) were one of the first things to become popular on the Internet. In the mid-90s, when we connected by dial-up, many of us were logging in and talking to people around the world about a variety of subjects. My subject was travel, mostly travel to Europe. Steve and I spent a … Continue reading Slow Europe Travel Forums

British Airways – Please Don’t Pump Fragrance into Your Planes!

Fragrance Free Please

British Airways are considering pumping fragrance into the cabins on their planes to replicate the experience customers have when walking into expensive department stores. I sneeze and then get a headache when I walk through the perfume section of expensive department stores and I don’t want to spend 10 hours on a flight having that same experience. British Airways already use scents in their Executive Lounge in Heathrow and want to put this fragrance on the planes … Continue reading British Airways – Please Don’t Pump Fragrance into Your Planes!

Pauline’s Blog Has Moved

Views from the Slow Lane

Welcome to the new version of my blog “Views from the Slow Lane”! It has a new name, a new location and a new look. It was time to separate my blog from the Slow Europe website. Slow Europe is a website for finding vacation rentals in Europe. My blog is about me, England, travel – whatever. Lately I have not been posting much because we have been getting settled in England and spending every … Continue reading Pauline’s Blog Has Moved

Haven in Paris Interview

Medieval stained glass, Cluny Museum, Paris

This is a nice change – a vacation rental agency has interviewed me, instead of me interviewing them! Sarah from the US-based agency Haven in Paris wanted to know what I think about European vacation rentals. Haven In Paris Blog Interview – Slow Travels Through Europe At the end of May Steve and I spent a week in the Haven in Paris Ecoles apartment (read my review on Slow Europe). The apartment was centrally located … Continue reading Haven in Paris Interview

Becoming Irish

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! The Irish Premier recently came to the US and announced changes to their laws making it easier for Irish-Americans to get Irish citizenship. In this economic downturn, which has hit Ireland harder than any of the other EU countires, they are trying to get people to move to Ireland. The current law gives you Irish citizenship if one of your parents or grandparents was born in Ireland. You need proof of … Continue reading Becoming Irish

First Look at Slow Europe

– First Look – Coup d’Oeil – Primo Sguardo – Have a Butchers – A Primera Vista – Einen Blick – I am very pleased to announce that we have launched Slow Europe! We are still adding new vacation rental resources to our database and adding new countries (Germany and Switzerland are next), but we wanted everyone to get a first look now so people can start using the site and we can get some feedback. … Continue reading First Look at Slow Europe

Affordable England

Fish and Chips at a Pub

“Affordable England” has been almost unthinkable in the past few years, with the pound at $2.00 at the start of 2008 (when we were in England), but on Friday the pound was below $1.60, making England more affordable to American tourists. The high for the pound was $2.11 in November 2007. On August 1 2008 the pound was at $1.97, then there was a steep dropoff to $1.75 by September 11 and $1.59 on Friday October 24. … Continue reading Affordable England