Saying Goodbye to our Wonderful Cat


I started 2016 by cleaning up my blog. As I work back through my posts, reformatting the photos and fixing or removing bad links, I realize how much I wrote about our cat Buddy over the years. And that I could never bring myself to write a post saying that he died in February 2015 – almost a year ago. We got Buddy in December 2005, when he was six years old. Our previous cats, … Continue reading Saying Goodbye to our Wonderful Cat

The World of Slow Travel

Very nice article in the Wall Street Journal magazine about the various definitions of “Slow Travel”. They included the definition that I used when I created the website and community – spending a week in one place instead of moving fast to many places on a trip. Wall Street Journal magazine, Easy Rider, Nancy Keates, April 29, 2010. “Like the slow-food movement, slow travel offers an antidote to today’s fast-paced lifestyle. “ I wish … Continue reading The World of Slow Travel

Santa Fe – A Beautiful Obsession

Santa Fe in spring

My first blog post in almost three months. Why? Because we moved. And moving is not as easy as it used to be. After nearly 20 years living in Santa Fe, we put the cat in the 4Runner, everything else in a moving van, put a “For Sale” sign in front of the house, said goodbye to the Sangre de Cristo mountains and drove 400 miles north to Boulder Colorado. Still living in the Rocky … Continue reading Santa Fe – A Beautiful Obsession

Happy 3rd Anniversary to my Cat


Three years ago today, our cat Buddy arrived at our house. Friends of our brought him in a carrier tied with a lot of rope. They opened up the carrier and he jumped out all golden and furry. My first thought was “He is a long hair – I don’t want a long hair” and then I realized that was almost a racist thought and this was the cat we were given, so what if … Continue reading Happy 3rd Anniversary to my Cat

Santa Fe in December

Santa Fe in December

The view from my office window on a cold almost-winter day in Santa Fe. We have the world’s smallest office (two of us in our second bedroom) and one small window that neither of us looks at from our desk, but when we looked out tonight, this is what we saw. The setting sun glowing on the Sangre de Cristo (Blood of Christ) mountains and the remaining snow in the yard.

The Aspens are Gold in Santa Fe


Summer didn’t just end, it dropped off a cliff – or so it seems. Last week was perfect fall weather – temps in the low 70s, sunny days, the Aspens up in the mountains are gold. We had snow on the mountains the week before. We drove up the Santa Fe Ski Hill on Thursday and took the chairlift up for the view. We have ridden dozens of chairlifts and gondolas in Switzerland, but had … Continue reading The Aspens are Gold in Santa Fe

Dream of Italy – Special Report: Villa Rentals

Dream of Italy

The September issue of the Dream of Italy newsletter is all about Villa Rentals and is the first media mention for Slow Europe 🙂 The June 2003 issue of Dream of Italy was their first Special Report on Villa Rentals and it mentioned the site I was running then – Slow Travel. It was the second media mention we had and many more followed. So, this is a good beginning for my new Slow Europe … Continue reading Dream of Italy – Special Report: Villa Rentals