Obama in Española


Today we went to the Obama rally in Española, 20 miles north of Santa Fe. I am on the Obama mailing list, so received an email about the event on Monday. I got my ticket online, signed up Steve and got a ticket for him. On Tuesday they announced the event in the local paper, the Santa Fe New Mexican. Our ticket said the gates opened at 10:30, but the newspaper said the event began … Continue reading Obama in Española

Who Says an Old Blog Can’t Learn New Tricks?

Some of my favorite blogs are the ones that I have been reading for years. Two of them have updated their looks in the fast few weeks. Art and Barb Live in Italy Barb from the Slow Travel and Expats in Italy communities moved her blog to her own domain name: Art and Barb Live in Italy. Barb has been running this blog since she and Art moved from Kentucky to Umbria in 2003. For … Continue reading Who Says an Old Blog Can’t Learn New Tricks?

Sunset Magazine – Insider Tips for Santa Fe

Sunset Magazine

The September issue of the Southwest edition of Sunset Magazine (New Mexico and Arizona) has a short interview with me about traveling in Santa Fe and the Southwest. Sunset Magazine, Southwest Insider Tips, “Ask the Expert – Pauline Kenny”, by Jennica Peterson, photo by Jen Judge. “The founder of slowtrav.com shares her slow travel tips to help you enjoy towns like Ouray and Santa Fe.” When I did the interview they told me they would … Continue reading Sunset Magazine – Insider Tips for Santa Fe

Mad Men Season 2 starts tonight!

AMC has started season 2 of Mad Men, a great TV series about life in New York City in the 1960s. Back when men were men, and women made the coffee. And everyone smoked! On a recent BBC radio show that we were listening to on a Podcast they were talking about all the great TV from the US lately. I always love TV in England, but dismiss the US shows. But they have a … Continue reading Mad Men Season 2 starts tonight!

Slow Europe in Sunset Magazine


During the last few years of running the Slow Travel community I talked to many journalists and was mentioned in many magazines and newspapers. Pretty thrilling for someone whose name had never been in print until she was in her late 40s. If you look at my media scrapbook (no longer on the web), you see it all fades away last year, after Internet Brands took over the SlowTrav site. My 15 minutes were over. Oh well. But … Continue reading Slow Europe in Sunset Magazine

The Great Slow Travel Gathering in Savannah!

Steve and I, and about 90 other Slow Travelers, are in Savannah, Georgia for a weekend party. Tonight was the pre-event – a cocktail party at the house the organizers rented. What a rush! Only about half our group was there – others arriving tonight and tomorrow – but it was great to see people we have met over our SlowTrav years and meet new people. Steve set up a webcam for us and then … Continue reading The Great Slow Travel Gathering in Savannah!

A Companion Cat


Steve Jones from the Slow Travel Message Board emailed me this weekend, after looking at the blog photos of our new cat Buddy, to tell me that he may be a Maine Coone Cat!! One of the traits of this breed is that they are a “companion cat” – they like to be with you, but are not really lap cats. We did a bunch of Internet searching and got out our book on cat … Continue reading A Companion Cat

Buddy joins our household


We have been without cats since Spike went missing at the end of July. Nearly five months. A friend called saying her mother was dying and her cat needed a home – did we want a cat? I hesitated, then told her we would take the cat for a month, so she would not have to deal with looking for a new home for the cat. He arrived on Tuesday (December 20). He was exhausted … Continue reading Buddy joins our household

Getting to the woods

Big Tesuque Creek

What a horrible day today with those morning attacks on London. All I could do was watch the news and read the message board. We dragged ourselves out of the house and drove up the Santa Fe mountain in the afternoon to have a picnic lunch and then hike the Borrego trail to Big Tesuque Creek. To remind ourselves of what is right with the world. It was a nice 3 mile hike through lovely … Continue reading Getting to the woods