A Week in Northern Portugal

Guimaraes, northern Portugal

My trip report for a week in Portugal, July 2012. I am writing this trip report more than a year after our trip. This was a lovely trip but it was pushed to the back of my mind because we were busy with other things when we got home. As I write my notes now I remember how much we enjoyed northern Portugal and I would like to return. Neither of us had been to … Continue reading A Week in Northern Portugal

A Week in Burgundy


Our September trip to France with Chris is becoming a regular event. This year we decided to spend our week in Burgundy, south-east of Paris. This area was new to us all. We had to choose between the western part near Semur-en-Auxois and Montbard and the Côte d’Or wine region that runs from Dijon south to Santenay. We chose the latter because Beaune, in the center of this wine area, looked like a great town … Continue reading A Week in Burgundy

Lunch in Gascony

Lunch in Gascony

In mid-September we spent a week in Gascony with our friend Chris at a farmhouse in the countryside near Condom. We all arrived Thursday afternoon. Chris was jetlagged having flown from California and we were exhausted from our one hour time change 🙂 so we made a simple dinner at “home”. But the next morning we were ready to go and got several “must dos” accomplished the first day: coffee and croissant in a cafe, lunch … Continue reading Lunch in Gascony

A Short Trip to the Loire Valley

In July we did a short trip to France – five nights in the Loire Valley followed by four nights in Normandy. We are currently living in England, so flew from Bristol Airport to Paris, picked up a rental car and drove four hours to the Loire Valley, west of Tours. We stayed in a vacation rental (gite) in the countryside north of the Loire River. It is flat in this part of the country, … Continue reading A Short Trip to the Loire Valley

A Month in Switzerland

Walking along the Bisses, Nendaz, Switzerland

It has been almost a month since I posted to this blog. I usually love writing up blog posts when traveling, but this trip has been more active than most and in the evenings I have been super lazy. So, a summary of the trip since the last summary. The Cotswolds Were Heavenly We spent a month in the Cotswolds and it was incredible. Perhaps the best England vacation we have ever had. We have … Continue reading A Month in Switzerland

List of Vegetarian Restaurants in Paris

Le Potager du Marais in Paris

We spent a week in Paris at the end of May. I am a vegetarian (but not vegan), Steve eats fish (but not much dairy). We have trouble finding food that we can eat in “normal” restaurants in France but thankfully there are many vegetarian or vegetarian-friendly restaurants. Here is my list of restaurants, sorted by arrondissement (neighborhood). I found these restaurants from a variety of resources which are listed at the bottom of the … Continue reading List of Vegetarian Restaurants in Paris

The Trip So Far

Sun on the 17th century floor of our Paris apartment

We are having a fantastic vacation, but I have not felt like blogging. Well, I have felt like blogging, but have not made the time for it. I will summarize what we have done so far and then try to fill it out a bit later. This is the first trip in years that I have not kept a daily journal and I look back over a week and cannot remember what we did. It … Continue reading The Trip So Far

Three Tweeters, One Restaurant, Paris

A quick post to say that we have started our Summer 2009 Europe trip and are having a great time, but I am either too busy or too exhausted from the too busy, to post. I am tweeting when I can – @PaulineK. On Thursday evening we met Dana (@danamac) who I know from the SlowTrav community and from Twitter. Dana is the person who got me to join Twitter. Via Twitter we realized we … Continue reading Three Tweeters, One Restaurant, Paris

Vegetarian/Macrobiotic Restaurants in Paris

In two weeks we will be in Paris! Steve and I have not been to Paris since 1988. 21 years ago we started our big European Adventure (a year traveling in Europe) with ten nights in Paris. People have been born and gradutated from college in that time, and we never managed to make it back to Paris. We rented a lovely apartment in the 5th (in the Latin Quarter near the Sorbonne). I love to … Continue reading Vegetarian/Macrobiotic Restaurants in Paris

Leaving Spring, Returning to Winter

Langshott Manor, England

We left the Nailsworth cottage on Monday around noon and drove to Gatwick. It was a three hour trip: two and a half hour drive, half an hour at a M&S motorway stop for a sandwich. This was my first time driving this close to London and on the M25 (London area ring road). The driving is more intense closer to London – more cars, faster drivers – and the roundabouts are less casual. You … Continue reading Leaving Spring, Returning to Winter