We leave Rome in the morning

It is Monday night and we are packing up to leave. Thanks to everyone who came to visit us – Maureen, Rebecca, Carmel, Tony – and Stephanie and Cesare who spent many days and evenings with us. The trouble with having friends in another country is that it makes you sad to leave. Colleen went home this morning. We had a great time traveling with her – we have the same travel “attitude” and like … Continue reading We leave Rome in the morning

Rome Shops List

Food Stores Volpetti, Via Marmorata, 47 in Testacchio and Via della Scrofa, 31 (in historic center). Deli and food shop with lots of cheese, olives, wine, olive oil, bread, etc. Also a Tavola Calda (prepared hot foods that you can take home). You can order a complete meal to take home. The one in Testaccio is the main shop and the largest. The Via Scrofa one is smaller, but still very good. Chocolate/Candy Stores Gelateria … Continue reading Rome Shops List

Rome Tourist Notes

Pickup the small TV-Guide size magazine “Roma Ce” at any newstand (1 Euro) for a list of the weekly events (in Italian) – cinema, music, theater, local events. www.romace.it The magazine “Rome Where” is available in most hotels, but we only saw it in the Lion Bookshop (because we were not staying in a hotel). It is free and has current events listed. Tourist offices are located in round green “booths” at most major sites. … Continue reading Rome Tourist Notes

Naples Restaurant Notes

These will be submitted as reviews or put on the web site. Vadinchenia, Via Pontano 21 (off Via Crispi), tel:081-660-265 www.vadinchenia.it This restaurant is very close to the Grand Hotel Parker’s – cross the main street then go down the 80 steps towards Via Crispi and the restaurant is at the bottom of the steps. Recommended in the DK guide. It doesn’t look like a restaurant from the outside and you have to buzz to … Continue reading Naples Restaurant Notes

Rome Restaurant Notes

These will be submitted as reviews or put on the web site. Renato e Luisa, Via dei Barbieri, 25, tel:06-6869-660, dinner only, closed Monday, reservations recommended Located just off Largo Argentina. Small restaurant with an interesting menu. R.G. recommends it and we are going for dinner tonight. They said they have fish every night and there are a few vegetarian offerings for secondo. Full report to come!! Ditirambo, Piazza della Cancelleria, 74 (near Campo dei … Continue reading Rome Restaurant Notes

Rome Shops List

This will go on the web site, but for now I will make my notes here. BOOKSHOPS The Lion Bookshop & Cafe, Via dei Greci 33/36 (near Piazza dei Spagna) www.thelionbookshop.com Excellent bookshop with books in English – novels, books about Italy, travel books, big picture books for Italy, magazines. Anglo American Book Co., Via della Vite, 102 (near Piazza dei Spagna) www.aab.it Good selection of books in English, some books on Italy. I like … Continue reading Rome Shops List

Pizza last night and an overdose of cigarette smoke

Da Francesco, Piazza del Fico, 29 (just past Caffe della Pace), open for lunch and dinner (closed Tuesday lunch), get there at 7pm for dinner, no reservations taken (expect to wait) This is another famous pizza place in the historic center. We have been to Da Baffetto several times and love it, but thought we would try this other one (not listed in the DK guide but higly recommended in the TimeOut guide – “accept … Continue reading Pizza last night and an overdose of cigarette smoke

A good way of judging restaurant prices and some vegetarian notes

R.G.Diamond taught me this – compare the basic pasta prices. In Rome, a well priced restaurant will have spaghetti al pomodoro for 6 Euro. An expensive restaurant will have it for over 10 Euro. This is a quick way to judge what the price of a meal at a restaurant will be. Some begetarian pasta dishes in Rome: – Spaghetti aglio, olio e peperoncino – pasta with garlic, oil and hot peppers. A good simple … Continue reading A good way of judging restaurant prices and some vegetarian notes

Weather, weather, weather

Am I in Rome or has my life reverted and I am living in Vancouver again? We arrived on December 16 and had about five wonderful days of cold and sun. Unfortunately that was when my back was at its worst and we did not get out that much. Then in turned really cold and windy!! The wind was so strong that, in the night, it blew open many of the windows in this huge … Continue reading Weather, weather, weather