Leaving Spring, Returning to Winter

Langshott Manor, England

We left the Nailsworth cottage on Monday around noon and drove to Gatwick. It was a three hour trip: two and a half hour drive, half an hour at a M&S motorway stop for a sandwich. This was my first time driving this close to London and on the M25 (London area ring road). The driving is more intense closer to London – more cars, faster drivers – and the roundabouts are less casual. You … Continue reading Leaving Spring, Returning to Winter

Cirencester Boot Scrapers

Cirencester Boot Scrapers

I have a lot more time to spend at the computer now that we don’t have to spend the day getting ready for a hike, doing a hike, recovering from a hike, planning the next day’s hike. Plus we have about 1 1/2 hours more daylight now than when we arrived. In early January it was dark by 5pm, now it is light until after 6pm. Today was beautiful and sunny, so I took photos … Continue reading Cirencester Boot Scrapers

Going Home in a Week

Snowdrops in Adelstrop

The last week of a long trip is always a strange time for me. When we first started taking yearly trips to Europe in 1996, they were eight to ten weeks long. A few years later, when we were both busy with work, we shortened our travel time and took four to five week trips. This year I wanted a long trip, a mini “moving there” experience, so we did a nine week trip. Instead … Continue reading Going Home in a Week

Everything is Wonderful!

A quick post to say what a great trip we are having! We had a week of sunshine and mild weather, but now it has turned colder. Today was sunny, but cold. Our friends Valerie and Bryan, who used to live near us in Albuquerque but now live in Italy, came for the weekend during the great weather. We spent a day touring this area, a day up to Stow-on-the-Wold exploring that area, and a … Continue reading Everything is Wonderful!

More Than Half Way Through

Eight weeks seems like a long time when you are booking it, but now that we are here the time is going by in a flash. We are already past the half way point and I don’t even know Nailsworth yet, let alone the Cotswolds. On Saturday we walked across town to the Ruskin and Horsley Mills on the south side of town. They are in a narrow river valley with pretty neighborhoods of old … Continue reading More Than Half Way Through

Walking to Minch

Minchinhampton, Cotswolds

The weather has been wonderful for over a week. There was a bit of rain last night, but before that our last rain was a week ago Monday in London. I don’t even bother bringing my rain jacket on hikes. But this changes tomorrow and I am ready for some rain. I am reading a great book: Sebastian Faulks “Engleby” (2007). I am knitting mittens – trying the knitting them flat pattern vs. knitting in … Continue reading Walking to Minch

A Spring Day in Winter

View on hike from Nympsfield to Uley Bury

Since Tuesday, our sunny day in London, the weather has been very good. Today it was like spring! If the weather was not as good, I would be getting more Cotswolder pages written, more posts to this blog, more photos uploaded. Instead we are having lazy mornings, then lovely afternoon hikes. Today everyone was out enjoying the countryside. We drove to Nympsfield, just a few miles away, and did a three hour hike through woods, … Continue reading A Spring Day in Winter

The Spooks Tour of London

River Thames and Houses of Parliament

We have been in our Nailsworth holiday cottage for three weeks. Another week and we are at the halfway point. This week we went into London, the big smoke, for an overnight trip. A vacation within a vacation, or, another way to look at it, paying for three beds but sleeping in one (our home in Santa Fe, our vacation rental in the Cotswolds, the hotel in London). 🙂 On Monday morning we took the … Continue reading The Spooks Tour of London

Some Days of Sun

January 24, the sun makes it to our hillside

Today was sunny. And today, at noon, the sun was on our cottage for about 30 minutes. The days are getting longer too. When we arrived at the beginning of January, it was pitch black by 5pm. Now we get an extra 30 minutes of daytime. The holiday cottage that we are in is on the outskirts of Nailsworth. The small town of Nailsworth is in a river valley, with the “downtown” area in the … Continue reading Some Days of Sun

A Few Days of Rain

Rainy Day

On Friday there was heavy rain and wind. We stayed in most of the day, just dashing out for a few minutes to pickup a few things at the shops in Nailsworth. Jonathan (SlowTravel moderator) and his wife Philippa came for dinner Friday night. You don’t expect to have dinner guests when you are traveling, so this was even more fun than usual. The cottage has a good oven and the locally grown vegetables that … Continue reading A Few Days of Rain