Monk Seal Action on Poipu Beach

Kauai Monk Seals

We have been on Kauai, Hawaii for the past week and are having a great time going for walks, swimming, exploring the island. The monk seals beach themselves on the beaches in Poipu and spend the whole day sleeping. They are protected, so as soon as they settle in for a nap, someone puts a rope fence around them so that people cannot get close. Sometimes they take up half the beach! They are fun … Continue reading Monk Seal Action on Poipu Beach

Poipu (Kauai) Under Construction


In September we did a last minute two week trip to Hawaii. We stayed in the same area where we always stay, Poipu on the south end, but this time we stayed on the eastern part of Poipu, near the Hyatt. And it is a good thing that we did not stay in our usual location, in a cottage on Ho’ona Road, just off the road to Spouting Horn, because that part of Kauai is … Continue reading Poipu (Kauai) Under Construction

From the People's Republic of Boulder

It has not been 24 hours yet, so who knows – but so far we are in love! What a town! Twenty years ago we crossed Boulder off our “places to live” list for reasons that seem stupid today. Too close to a large city, too harsh of a winter. Today we walked along the Boulder River, walked down the Pearl Street Pedestrian area, walked around the Mapleton neighborhood, then did a short hike to … Continue reading From the People's Republic of Boulder

Charlottesville and Chapel Hill

Fast Travel: Asheville, 4 nights; Charlottesville, 3 nights; Chapel Hill, 2 nights. This is the last night of the trip; we fly home tomorrow. I am tired of living out of a suitcase and want to see my cat Buddy, but it has been a great trip. We wanted to explore this area with the thought of maybe living here some day and we wanted a break from the Santa Fe spring. Both goals accomplished! … Continue reading Charlottesville and Chapel Hill

In my mind I’m going to Carolina

“Dark and silent late last night, I think I might have heard the highway calling. Geese in flight and dogs that bite. And signs that might be omens say I’m going, going, going to Carolina in my mind.” “Carolina in My Mind”, James Taylor, 1968 Okay, I have a thing for North Carolina which is probably a result of playing that first James Taylor album repeatedly when I was a teenager. I hear the words … Continue reading In my mind I’m going to Carolina

New York City at Christmas

I like traveling during the Christmas holidays. We don’t celebrate Christmas and have no family obligations, but for me it is a festive time of year and I like to do something fun. We alternate Christmas in Santa Fe (which is delightful – the Canyon Road Christmas Eve walk, snow, cosy winter evenings in front of the fire) with a Christmas trip. The sensible part of me says “don’t do it”: everyone is traveling, flights … Continue reading New York City at Christmas

I Thought I Would Never Get Out of West Texas

In our years of travel we have not escaped the inevitable flight delays and missed connections. One time we had to overnight in Cincinnati on the way to New York, because of winter weather, and I vaguely remember one or two overnights in Salt Lake City, but we have never been delayed by more than a day on any flight, until our Christmas 2006 vacation where we were stranded in Dallas because of a winter … Continue reading I Thought I Would Never Get Out of West Texas

Happy Holidays!

After a busy few months, we are heading off to New York City for the Christmas week. We are staying six nights at Hotel Giraffe, chosen because of the good reviews on Slow Travel. It is close to Union Square, the area where we spent a lot of time in the late 90s when Steve was doing consulting in New York. In the mid 80s, when we were living in the Berkshires, and the late … Continue reading Happy Holidays!