Wednesday, September 3 – hiking on Wispile near Gstaad

Sunny and warm Finally, out hiking in the mountains. We went to the tourist office and bought an Easy Access pass. You buy them for three consecutive days, but can then add on extra days. We bought a 5 day pass figuring we would hike all five days, then do a driving day. We drove to Gstaad, and to the Wispile gondola, just past Gstaad. Free parking at the gondola, which is a nice change … Continue reading Wednesday, September 3 – hiking on Wispile near Gstaad

Monday, September 1 – Driving from Konstanz to Saanen (Switzerland)

Overcast, no rain. Up and out for a walk, then breakfast in the hotel. We were going to go to a cafĂ© in town because the hotel room did not include breakfast and it was expensive (20 Euro each), but we could not face the long walk to the main piazza (only 15 minutes but Ursula and Lionel had run us off our feet). We have about $100 in old German marks that we wanted … Continue reading Monday, September 1 – Driving from Konstanz to Saanen (Switzerland)

I miss my high speed internet!!

High speed internet and my home computer – that’s what I miss. We are connected at 30,000 whatevers. Slow, slow, slow. The Earthlink number is NOT toll free, so I can hear our telephone chargers counter clicking as it turns over every few minutes that I am online. And I think my travel computer is screwed – some Windows error that happens whenever I go online. Steve is going to look at it tomorrow. I … Continue reading I miss my high speed internet!!

My Notes about Jetlag on This Trip

This was our best trip ever for not suffering as badly from jetlag and I think it is because we were able to sleep on the plane. Last year we had booked Albuquerque – Atlanta – Zurich, but a security incident cancelled our Albuquerque – Atlanta flight, so we ended up doing Albuquerque – Cincinatti – Paris – Zurich. It is best to spend your first two nights in the city in Europe where you … Continue reading My Notes about Jetlag on This Trip

Sunday, August 31 – Konstanz (Germany)

Overcast, cool, some rain All the shops in Konstanz are closed on Sunday. Many close at 2pm on Saturday. When we were out yesterday, the downtown streets were crowded with shoppers. Some of the larger department stores stayed open until 6pm on Saturday. We met Ursula and Lionel late morning to spend a few hours together before they had to drive home. We took the bus to a nearby famous gardens – Insel Mainau (“insel” … Continue reading Sunday, August 31 – Konstanz (Germany)

Saturday, August 30 – Konstanz (Germany)

Overcast and raining The good news is that the European heat wave seems to have broken. The bad news is that it feels like winter. Luckily I threw in two more long sleeved t-shirts and a light jacket after I had finished packing mostly summer things. Breakfast in the room, checked out of the hotel, taxi to EuropeCar. The car was all ready for us – a new C class Mercedes! We had booked a … Continue reading Saturday, August 30 – Konstanz (Germany)

Friday, August 29 – Zurich (Switzerland)

Overcast, raining off and on I said I was not going to retrieve my email, but of course I did when I was posting the journal. I made it 24 hours without email. However, as I am writing this, it is Monday night and I have not done email since Friday – a new personal best. Woke up to overcast and rain. We had breakfast in our room and hung around the room until noon, … Continue reading Friday, August 29 – Zurich (Switzerland)

Zurich Hotel

Zurich: Claridge Hotel Tiefenau Near the Art Museum, above the opera, 10 minutes walk from Old Town and Seefeldstrasse, 20 minutes walk from Bahnhofstrasse. 4 stars. Very good quality small hotel in an historic building in a residential area. Not much noise from the streets, but on our recent stay we were kept awake one night by helicopters flying overhead (I have no idea what that was about). We stayed here for two nights in … Continue reading Zurich Hotel

We have arrived – Zurich day 1

Well, we are here – a hotel in Zurich. As unlikely as it seemed a few days ago that I would manage to get the packing done and be able to leave, we did it. The flight from Albuquerque to Atlanta to Zurich went smoothly. We had first class upgrades the whole way. I managed to sleep for about five hours on the Atlanta to Zurich portion, which is great because I usually don’t sleep … Continue reading We have arrived – Zurich day 1