About Us

Pauline Kenny and Steve Cohen live in Dorset, England.

Pauline is originally from Toronto and moved to Vancouver in her 20s. Steve was also born in Toronto and his family moved to Vancouver when he was young. We left Vancouver in 1987 to travel for a few years (two years traveling in the US and a year traveling in Europe). Since leaving Vancouver we have lived in Boston MA, Lenox MA, England, Hawaii, on a sheep farm in north-eastern Pennsylvania, Seattle WA, and then we settled in Santa Fe NM. In 2010 we moved to England, living in the Cotswolds for five years, before moving to Dorset.

Pauline and Steve span the Baby Boom generation; Pauline in her early 60s and Steve in late 60s.

Pauline is the founder of Slow Travel (slowtrav.com), an online travel community (now owned by Internet Brands Inc.). Pauline ran the Slow Travel website and community from 2000 to 2007.



Steve and Pauline
Steve and Pauline in Basilicata, Italy, 2015