European Experience Photos

Adam and a Cat

I was one of the judges of the European Experiences photo contest. People who have been on their tours sent in photos showing their experiences. Here are the 10 winners. My friends Kathy and Charley Wood, who run European Experiences, are celebrating five years of doing small group tours of France, Italy, England and Austria. They do a great job – as is shown by these beautiful photos. If you don’t want to spend days … Continue reading European Experience Photos

Happy 3rd Anniversary to my Cat


Three years ago today, our cat Buddy arrived at our house. Friends of our brought him in a carrier tied with a lot of rope. They opened up the carrier and he jumped out all golden and furry. My first thought was “He is a long hair – I don’t want a long hair” and then I realized that was almost a racist thought and this was the cat we were given, so what if … Continue reading Happy 3rd Anniversary to my Cat