How I Became a Citizen of Several Countries

Steve and Pauline in Basilicata

People frequently ask me how I am able to live in the UK. A US or Canadian citizen can live here for six months as a visitor. In most of Europe only 90 days are allowed. Steve and I are both Irish citizens, which gives us the right to live in any of the European Union countries, including the UK. My father was born in Ireland, lived there until his mid-20s, then moved to England … Continue reading How I Became a Citizen of Several Countries

Becoming Irish

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! The Irish Premier recently came to the US and announced changes to their laws making it easier for Irish-Americans to get Irish citizenship. In this economic downturn, which has hit Ireland harder than any of the other EU countires, they are trying to get people to move to Ireland. The current law gives you Irish citizenship if one of your parents or grandparents was born in Ireland. You need proof of … Continue reading Becoming Irish