Fragrance-free Flights Please!

A fragrance-free flight would be impossible. How could you stop people from wearing perfume or aftershave, using scented soaps, body washes and hair products, or washing their clothes in strongly scented laundry products? You couldn’t. If someone is sensitive to synthetic fragrances, being on a plane is difficult. But several airlines have made an already bad situation much worse by spraying “signature scents” in their airplane cabins. This leaves us travelers sitting in a chemical … Continue reading Fragrance-free Flights Please!

England is Even More Affordable Today

Today the pound is at $1.50 USD. And British Airways has a 3 day sale (ends tomorrow) with prices as low as $648 Dallas to London (return) for travel until March 22 (many other European destinations are included in the sale). Remember when looking at BA sale prices, they usually list one way prices based on a return purchase. The only sales on Business Class are for flights originating in London – none for US … Continue reading England is Even More Affordable Today