Lunch in Gascony

Lunch in Gascony

In mid-September we spent a week in Gascony with our friend Chris at a farmhouse in the countryside near Condom. We all arrived Thursday afternoon. Chris was jetlagged having flown from California and we were exhausted from our one hour time change 🙂 so we made a simple dinner at “home”. But the next morning we were ready to go and got several “must dos” accomplished the first day: coffee and croissant in a cafe, lunch … Continue reading Lunch in Gascony

A Traveling Vegetarian

Vegetarian Ploughman's Lunch

Today is Earth Day. One way to lessen your load on the earth is to be a vegetarian, or to cut down on your consumption of meat. I have been a vegetarian for over 25 years. I don’t eat the best possible diet – ice cream and chocolate have been known to pass my lips and I have coffee every morning – but I eat a diet based on vegetables and grains and try for organic and … Continue reading A Traveling Vegetarian

Cafes are Closing in France!


Say it isn’t so! The thing I love most about France are the cafes. Sitting at a table outside a cafe having my morning coffee and croissant, enjoying the sun and people watching, is one of my favorite France activities and one I was planning on indulging in a lot on our next trip. But today’s New York Times says that cafes are not so busy and many are closing. There are many reasons for … Continue reading Cafes are Closing in France!

EU Restrictions on Shapes of Fruits and Vegetables


An amazing article on the BBC website today: Will we eat wonky fruit and veg? Starting in July, the European Union (EU) is lifting regulations that stop vendors from selling oddly-shaped fruits and vegetables. These regulations have been in place for 20 years. For example, it is against the law to sell a carrot with two “legs”. In the interests of avoiding waste, these regulations are being lifted for 26 fruits and vegetables (but remain … Continue reading EU Restrictions on Shapes of Fruits and Vegetables