Lunch in Gascony

Lunch in Gascony

In mid-September we spent a week in Gascony with our friend Chris at a farmhouse in the countryside near Condom. We all arrived Thursday afternoon. Chris was jetlagged having flown from California and we were exhausted from our one hour time change 🙂 so we made a simple dinner at “home”. But the next morning we were ready to go and got several “must dos” accomplished the first day: coffee and croissant in a cafe, lunch … Continue reading Lunch in Gascony

New Travel Articles About Italy

On Slow Europe we publish travel articles written by the vacation rental companies (agencies, owners) that we feature in our Find Vacation Rentals section. These are people who have good insider knowledge of their travel destinations. We have two new articles about Italy. Slow Europe Article – Food Shopping for Vacation Renters in Italy by Pat Byrne of Italy Perfect. You find the perfect vacation rental in Italy, you arrive and check in. Next you have … Continue reading New Travel Articles About Italy

A Traveling Vegetarian

Vegetarian Ploughman's Lunch

Today is Earth Day. One way to lessen your load on the earth is to be a vegetarian, or to cut down on your consumption of meat. I have been a vegetarian for over 25 years. I don’t eat the best possible diet – ice cream and chocolate have been known to pass my lips and I have coffee every morning – but I eat a diet based on vegetables and grains and try for organic and … Continue reading A Traveling Vegetarian

Cafes are Closing in France!


Say it isn’t so! The thing I love most about France are the cafes. Sitting at a table outside a cafe having my morning coffee and croissant, enjoying the sun and people watching, is one of my favorite France activities and one I was planning on indulging in a lot on our next trip. But today’s New York Times says that cafes are not so busy and many are closing. There are many reasons for … Continue reading Cafes are Closing in France!

EU Restrictions on Shapes of Fruits and Vegetables


An amazing article on the BBC website today: Will we eat wonky fruit and veg? Starting in July, the European Union (EU) is lifting regulations that stop vendors from selling oddly-shaped fruits and vegetables. These regulations have been in place for 20 years. For example, it is against the law to sell a carrot with two “legs”. In the interests of avoiding waste, these regulations are being lifted for 26 fruits and vegetables (but remain … Continue reading EU Restrictions on Shapes of Fruits and Vegetables

Make Your Own Bread – Updated

No-Knead Whole Wheat Bread

Last spring I started making bread twice a week using the No-Knead Bread recipe. I was so thrilled with this recipe that I posted it on this blog in July. Since then I have continued making the bread and have refined my technique. Now I use a willow proofing basket and the La Clouche clay baker. I no longer use the 4 cup whole wheat recipe, but have changed it to a 3 cup recipe. … Continue reading Make Your Own Bread – Updated

Make Your Own (European Style) Bread

No-Knead Bread

Post updated January 2013. I have been making this bread for years and love the recipe. One of the things that I love in France, Germany and Switzerland is the bread! A basket of perfect croissants in the morning at a cafe in France, a bakery with at least ten types of fresh baked bread in Germany, the wonderful whole wheat breads served for breakfast in a tea room in Switzerland. We have great quality … Continue reading Make Your Own (European Style) Bread