Photos of Vacation Rentals

Painswick, Cotswolds

If you are curious to see the types of vacation rentals available in Italy, Switzerland and England, have a look at the places we have stayed in over the past ten years. Vacation Rentals in Italy Vacation Rentals in Switzerland Vacation Rentals in England These are the places we have stayed since I got my first digital camera – from 1999 to the present. They give you a good idea of the types and quality … Continue reading Photos of Vacation Rentals

Upgrade Finished

Eight hours later – finished the upgrade. Upgrade was easy-peasey but interrupted by the snow stopping so went out to pickup our mail (they seem to be plowing more streets in Santa Fe this winter), endless loads of laundry (just got back from a 10-day trip to Tucson AZ), listening to Talk of the Nation (the news is a little too interesting these days), phone calls, making dinner (cauliflower and carrot soup, brown rice). Now … Continue reading Upgrade Finished

Comments, Avatars, Subscribe to Blog

Subscribe to RSS Feed for Slow Europe

Several people posted comments over the last few days that did not get “approved” by me until today. Sorry! I was fiddling with my settings and set the comments email notification off, when I thought it was on. I love getting comments, but don’t get that many – so was happy to see a backlog of comments from the last week. I read a lot of blogs – mostly from my SlowTrav friends – and … Continue reading Comments, Avatars, Subscribe to Blog

Is Dreamweaver Crashing?

The end of Daylight Savings time brings back last years bug in Dreamweaver. Read my earlier blog post for details – Dreamweaver crashes when editing a file. My friend Chris emailed me that Dreamweaver had crashed and she did not know why, which made me remember when it happened to me last year. I sent her the link to my old blog post without reading it again (that shows you how detail oriented I can … Continue reading Is Dreamweaver Crashing?

Dreamweaver crashes when editing a file

I lost all of yesterday to a mysterious problem with Dreamweaver CS3, the software I use to manage the site. I am posting this because this will happen to everyone using Dreamweaver 9 (CS3) with PHP or ASP code. I was going crazy trying to figure out what might be wrong. It took me hours to even figure out which pages crashed and why. When I determined what was happening, I posted on the … Continue reading Dreamweaver crashes when editing a file